In the end, Darvish Yu (37, San Diego Padres) was out of the season. announced the season-out of Darvish Yu on the 13th (Korea Standard Time). Ahead of this season, he signed a six-year, $108 million (about 143.6 billion won) extension contract, but the first season was not good. In 24 games, he was 8-10 with a 4.56 ERA.

It was the last game against the Milwaukee Brewers on August 26. Darvish complained of elbow pain after that day. As a long-term and large contractor, he expressed his intention to return after treatment, but eventually accepted the season-out. It’s actually been bad all season. In particular, in August, he had three losses and a 4.66 ERA without winning five games. On July 30, against the Texas Rangers, his last victory was three hits, nine strikeouts, and two walks in six innings.먹튀검증 said, “Darvish has been found to have irritation in the elbow bone in close examination since late August. At first, he was injected with cortisone, and recently started playing catch, but his elbow still hurt. “When Darvish was healthy this year, there was almost no consistency,” he said.

Darvish’s elbow issue is not the first time. In the 2018 season when he was in the Chicago Cubs, he also underwent arthroscopic surgery due to poor elbow conditions. At that time, he returned healthy in time for the 2019 season. “There’s a little bit of frustration,” Darvish said. “There is an elbow stress reaction, and basically I need time to heal it.” said, “Darvish will not pitch for at least the next six weeks. At that point, I will have a checkup again. Only then will it be clear whether he will undergo similar surgery. In other words, we will wait until the end of October.

Darvish has surpassed 100 personal wins this season. With 103 wins, he is the third most wins in Asian major leaguers and the first most wins in Asian major leaguers. Although he has ruined this season, he has five years. It’s only a matter of time before Park Chan-ho wins the most wins in the Asian major leagues.

However, health is the biggest topic of conversation in overtaking Park Chan-ho. There will be plenty of time, but you should take good care of your health right away. In the worst case, if you have Tommy John surgery, you have to fly it for more than a year. Even if he solves the elbow issue, he is 37 years old and is already a veteran in his late 30s. Attention is also being paid to where he will be in five years. 

▲ Top 10 Asian major leaguers with the most wins

Park Chan-ho/Korea/124 wins and 98 losses/4.36 ERA/1993 innings

Hideo Nomo/Japan/123 wins and 109 losses/4.24/1976 innings with an ERA

Darvish Yu/Japan/103 wins and 85 losses/ ERA 3.59/1624⅓ innings

Hideki Kuroda/Japan/79 wins and 79 losses/ 3.45/1319 innings with an average ERA

Masahiro Tanaka / Japan / 78 wins and 46 losses / ERA 3.74 / 1054 innings

Ryu Hyun-jin/Korea/78 wins and 48 losses/ 3.25/1043 innings with an ERA

Wang Jianming/Taiwan/68 wins and 34 losses/average ERA 4.36/845⅔ innings

Hisashi Iwakuma/Japan/63 wins and 39 losses/ 3.42/883 innings with an ERA

Kenta Maeda/Japan/63 wins and 48 losses/ 3.96/851 innings with an ERA

Thousand Ways/Taiwan / 59 wins / 51 losses / ERA 4.18 / 1064 innings 

While Darvish is resting, Ryu Hyun-jin and Maeda slowly chase Darvish. After Darvish, the two are the second to third most wins in the Asian major leagues. Ryu Hyun-jin became a losing pitcher because he did not receive batting support even after allowing three runs in six innings against the Texas Rangers. He has lost two games in a row and has won 78 games.

Of course, Darvish is extremely unlikely to be chased by Ryu Hyun-jin and Maeda right away. Also, Ryu Hyun-jin and Maeda will become FA side by side after this season. A new contract must be signed for a long time to continue the pursuit of Darvish.

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