This season, the lower teams have been greatly strengthened. Unpredictable.

It is difficult to predict the winning team or the top 5 team. The most difficult prediction among them is the prediction of the last team. In the first year of the salary cap, teams in the 8th, 9th, and 10th places who spent less money invested aggressively.

Lotte strengthened the center line by filling the limit of external free agents such as catcher Kang-nam Yoo, infielder Jin-hyuk Noh and pitcher Hyun-hee Han. In the emission market, they started gleaning. They recruited many experienced pitchers such as Yoon Myeong-jun, Kim Sang-soo, Shin Jeong-rak, and Cha Woo-chan. He also brought catcher Lee Jeong-hoon, who has a good hitting.

Hanwha also made an aggressive investment in the free agent market by recruiting first baseman and outfielder Chae Eun-seong, pitcher Lee Tae-yang, and infielder Oh Seon-jin. It is a starting point for escaping from the bottom for three consecutive years.

Doosan made an impact by recruiting Yang Eui-ji, the FA’s largest fish. The situation of the team with a lot of young pitchers. Expectations are high that Yang Eui-ji, a seasoned hostess, will upgrade the Doosan mound to the next level. It is expected that Doosan will shake off the 9th place humiliation at once, an unfamiliar number.

Last year, 6th place NC and 7th place Samsung were in a hurry.

NC lost power in a situation where as many as 7 internal FAs were crowded. Only two players, Park Min-woo and Lee Jae-hak, remained. Many of the 2020 winning members have left. Yang Eui-ji, Noh Jin-hyuk, and Won Jong-hyun left the team, and Lee Myeong-gi and Kwon Hee-dong are also preparing for a breakup.

However, he formed a powerful one-two punch with new outside pitchers who had played in the big leagues until last year, such as Eric Peddy, a former fifth starter in Washington, and Taylor Widener, who competed for a fifth starter in Arizona. Even the local ace Gu Chang-mo is predicting the selection of the strongest 1-3.

The team that is receiving attention is the Samsung Lions.

There was no external reinforcement during the winter. As Kim Sang-soo and Oh Seon-jin left the team as free agents, the center line, excluding the catcher, became younger.

Shortstop Lee Jae-hyeon, center fielder Kim Hyeon-jun, and second baseman Kim Ji-chan, among other new players in their 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year, have a heavy burden on their shoulders.

What is comforting is the fact that last year, the three musketeers David Buchanan, Albert Suarez, and Jose Pirella were all caught. However, we need to carefully examine whether the three players who did well last year can maintain their performance intact.

Samsung welcomes the new season without major changes in appearance. It has become relatively shabby amid the massive reinforcement of rival teams. 안전놀이터

There is only one way to live, the internal upgrade through training. In order to raise young players, money spent on recruitment was poured into training.

Following the overseas camp in Okinawa from last fall, the spring camp also set up training for the 1st and 2nd troops in Okinawa at once. Onna Village Akama Stadium in District 1 and Ishikawa Stadium in District 2 are about 30 minutes by car. All rookie players joined the camp.

Samsung coach Park Jin-man emphasized stability, saying, “The players who left are the players who left, and the existing players who need to do it now have to do it with a new look.” Coach Park said, “If the 1st and 2nd divisions camp overseas in close proximity, the players will think that they need to prepare well. can be created,” he predicted.

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