South Korean dual-medalist Cho Soo-hye (Gwangju Chego) has won two gold medals at the Hwaranggi National City-Provincial Archery Competition.

Cho won two gold medals at the 44th Hwarangi National Intercity and Interprovincial Archery Competition, held at the Jeollabuk-do International Archery Center in Imsil, Jeollabuk-do, on April 19.

Representing Gwangju Metropolitan City 스포츠토토, Cho first teamed up with Choi Woo-jin in the high school mixed event to defeat Daejeon Metropolitan City (Kim Bo-kyung and Park Eun-sung) 6-0 for the gold medal.

Then, in the individual competition, she defeated her teammate Nam Ji-hyun (Gwangju Chego) 6-2 to win the gold medal.

This was the second consecutive high school individual title for Cho, along with her second gold medal of the tournament.

Cho is expected to compete in the third edition of the 2023 World Archery Association (WAA) Asia Cup in Singapore earlier this month, where she won the team title.

Park Jae-hyung (Incheon Chego) took the top spot in the men’s high school individual competition.

In the team competition, Daegu Metropolitan City won the men’s high school trophy and Gyeongsangbuk-do Women’s high school trophy.

At the secondary level, Chungcheongbuk-do won the men’s team title and Gyeonggi Province won the women’s team title. In the mixed event, the Seoul Metropolitan Government team of Jung Seung-wook and Kim Ji-won defeated Chungcheongbuk-do. Lee Jae-heon (Sunin Middle) won the men’s individual title and Kim Ye-in (Mora Middle) won the women’s individual title.

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