With the WBC baseball team arriving in Japan for the decisive battle, it has been confirmed that the team’s batting order has been set to some extent.

It is expected that Kim Hyun-soo will be the 4th hitter and Park Byeong-ho will be the 5th batter.

This is reporter Kim Do-hwan.


Starting with ace Kim Gwang-hyeon and relief pitcher Kim Won-joong, who drew attention with long hair, pitchers dressed in suits heading to the decisive battle amid fans’ cheering will have their positions decided through two evaluation matches. 카지노

Unlike the flexible mound, the batting order of the national team is virtually determined.

Coach Lee Kang-cheol nailed that batters who did not play in the final practice game would take on numbers 1 and 2, and the rest would be the same.

In the end, for the first time in Korean baseball, two big leaguers will be in charge of No. 1 and No. 2.

3 is Lee Jeong-hoo, Park Byeong-ho replaces Park Byeong-ho in the 4th spot, and Kim Hyeon-soo will enter, and Park Byeong-ho will be the 5th hitter who is less burdened.

Kang Baek-ho, who sometimes makes an erratic full swing, but still has the fastest pace among the national team, will be number 6, followed by Yang Eui-ji.

[Soundbite] Lee Kang-cheol/WBC National Team Manager : “I think everything is ready now. Major players will go in for the first and second batting order. You can think of the rest of the batting order as such.

” That’s the third base spot you’re supposed to take.

Considering the balance between the left and right batting lines, while Park Gun-woo and others are expected to be used, Lee Jung-hoo, who arrived at the hotel a little while ago, showed a relaxed appearance by taking pictures by himself.

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