‘Stay and train longer, eat lunch in the cafeteria’

Manchester United manager Eric ten Hagg is getting desperate. He has tightened up his training rules. The Red Devils finished third in the English Premier League (EPL) last season, raising hopes of a title challenge in the new campaign, but a string of bad luck and poor form in the early part of the season has seen them drop to 11th in the league. Players were ordered to stay longer at the Carrington training ground. He even insisted that lunch be eaten in the cafeteria.온라인바카라

Old Trafford. Daily Mail Article Capture
“Van Gaal has set a new policy for players to stay on the training ground longer as a way to improve the team’s performance,” the Daily Mail reported on Friday (ET). According to the report, Van Gaal has made a proactive move to give himself more control over how the team trains.

This could be seen as a response to the team’s poor start to the season. After four rounds, United are currently 11th in the league with two wins and two losses (six points), and their last game against Arsenal left a pretty big impact. The game was followed by comments from Van Gaal regarding Jadon Sancho’s exclusion from the roster, which was quickly followed by Sancho’s “protest”. United ultimately decided to remove Sancho from first-team training. The decision was made to reinforce Van Gaal’s leadership.

Daily Mail Article Caption
As the squad resumed preparations for the fifth round after the international break, Van Gaal implemented a more rigorous approach to the Carrington training ground in an attempt to shake off the bad news. The idea is to stay on the pitch for longer. In particular, the practice of players returning home for lunch after morning training has been restricted. After lunch in the newly renovated Carrington cafeteria, Ten Haag instructed the players to leave after 2pm.

The idea is to increase players’ training time while also controlling their diets. To that end, United hired a new head chef after the U.S. tour earlier this year, and also began using blood glucose monitors and monitoring of individual nutrition and hydration. It’s a move to tighten the reins on the team. With the team down to 11th place, Van Gaal is desperate.

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