Striker Cristiano Ronaldo, who came down from the ‘new world’, is boldly showing the aspect of a ‘capitalist striker’. He performed a sword dance in traditional Saudi costume.

Ronaldo and his team, Saudi Al-Nasr, released a large number of videos and photos of Ronaldo and other players and officials through their official account on the 22nd (local time).

They wore Thob, the traditional Saudi costume, and danced to the joyful song at the stadium. This is a scene from the ceremony held by the Al-Nasr club in line with Saudi Arabia’s national holiday. 바카라사이트

February 22 every year is a national holiday in Saudi Arabia that celebrates the country’s unity. Saudi Arabia declared the transition from a city-state to a nation-state in 1727 and resolved to unify the Arabian Peninsula. It is a national holiday established from 2022 to commemorate this. Unlike Saudi Arabia’s founding day, September 23, it is a day to celebrate Saudi Arabia’s historical roots.

As much as he is active in Saudi Arabia, Ronaldo also participated in the national holiday event. Ronaldo, with a curious expression on his face, enjoyed a dance with coach Rudi Garcia and his teammates, holding a traditional Saudi sword. The knife, which means fairness and justice, has a strong connection with Saudi culture, and is always present in national flags, national events, and traditional dances.

Ronaldo left his impressions on his social media, saying, “It was a special experience to participate in the celebration of Saudi Arabia’s happy founding day.”

Ronaldo has been known as a ‘demanding player’ by passively participating in club-sponsored events in Europe’s top clubs such as Manchester United, Juventus and Real Madrid in the past. During his time at Juventus, he refused to participate in a friendly match in Korea, and during his second time at Manchester United, he did not participate in pre-season training for personal reasons, which led to controversy.

However, he is showing a 180 degree transformation in Saudi Arabia. According to local media, Ronaldo’s annual salary is known to be a whopping 200 million euros (about 270 billion won). Some claim that he also signed a contract to act as an ambassador for Saudi Arabia’s bid for the 2030 World Cup.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo is consolidating his place at Al Nasr. He has so far helped the team lead the league by scoring 5 goals and 2 assists.

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