Manchester United midfielder Casemiro (30) told the sports media ‘The Athletic’ on the 14th (Korean time), “Coach Eric Ten Haag (52) is crazy about winning. There has never been a coach so obsessed with in his career. Even in training. He is a manager who wants to win every time and wants the best.”

Manchester United made a bold decision to rebuild their reputation this season. He had a strong chance of appointing coach Ten Hag, the rising master of Ajax in the Netherlands. The summer transfer market did not spare huge transfer fee support. Coach Ten Hag announced the beginning of a rebound by bringing in Ajax’s favorite pupils Lisandro Martinez (24) and Anthony (23).

There were also surprise hires. Real Madrid midfielder Casemiro has joined Manchester United. Right after winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL), he chose to go to England. Upon signing, Casemiro said: “I came to challenge Manchester United. I felt it was time to make a change in my career. I am excited to play in a new league and club.”

He was a world class midfielder. After a short adaptation period after joining Manchester United, Casemiro has been reborn as a key midfielder in Ten Hag’s managerial system. ESPN, a sports media outlet, praised Casemiro as the most important player in Ten Hag’s tactics. Manchester United, which was shaken at the beginning of the season, succeeded in rebounding and jumped to 4th place in the Premier League.

It is evaluated that the passion of the new coach worked. “Ten Hag demands a lot from his players. He works hard. It’s a very important part,” Casemiro said through “The Athletic.” explained.

“Ten Haag is putting his philosophy on the team,” he continued. 안전놀이터

He also revealed his will to win. Casemiro added: “I think it’s a winning process. I’ll adapt quickly. I’m in good shape every day. Look at the successful coaches. All of them have been given time.”

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