Stefanos Tsitsipas (25, Greece, world No. 4) reached the Australian Open singles final for the first time in his life.

Tsitsipas beat Karen Khachanov (27, Russia, world No. 20) 3-1 (7-6<7-2) in the men’s singles semifinal match at the 2023 Australian Open Tennis Tournament held at Melbourne Park Road Laver Arena in Melbourne, Australia on the 27th. > 6-4 6-7<6-8> 6-3) won. 토토사이트

Tsitsipas reached the semifinals three times at the Australian Open before this tournament. However, in 2019, he lost to Rafael Nadal (37, Spain, world No. 2), and his progress to the final was thwarted. He reached the semifinals in 2021 and last year as well, but all of them fell to Danil Medvedev (27, Russia, world number 7).

At this year’s competition, Tsitsipas succeeded in advancing to the final after four challenges. Chichipas, who achieved ‘three out of four’, will stand on the final stage of a Grand Slam event for the second time after the 2021 French Open.

He was runner-up at the 2021 French Open. Chichi Pas, who reached the final by beating great opponents at the Australian Open this time, challenges to win his first major tournament in his life.

If Tsitsipas wins this tournament, he will rise to the top of the world rankings for the first time.

Khachanov reached the semifinals at last year’s US Open, his best performance in a major tournament. He also achieved the achievement of advancing to the semifinals at the Australian Open this year, but his dream of advancing to the final was not fulfilled.

In particular, Khachanov could not cross the wall of the ‘natural enemy’ Chichipas this time. He never won against Chichipas. In this match as well, he failed to avenge himself and suffered 6 consecutive losses against the opponent.

Tsitsipas broke first in the first set 2-1. Khachanov also responded with a break and tied the game 3-3 by defending the ensuing serve game. In this situation, Chichipas took two games and ran away 5-3.

Khachanov, who was driven to a crisis, quickly tied the score at 5-5 with an exquisite passing shot. The match went to a 6-6 tiebreak, and it was Chichipas who showed his concentration in the gobiteo.

Tsitsipas dominated the groundstroke fight and scored consecutively. On the other hand, Khachanov made mistakes in the tie-break and the score widened to 1-6.

In the end, Chichipas won the first set by winning the tiebreak 7-2.

In the second set, the two held the serve game and faced tight. At 4-4, Tsitsipas managed to break. Tsitsipas, who induced an opponent’s mistake with a counterattack following a tenacious defense, took the 10th game and took the second set 6-4.

Chichipas continued his upward trend by bringing the opponent’s serve game in the third set 1-1. In the 6th game with the right to serve, he allowed a deuce, but he defeated Khachanov’s pursuit with a serve ace.

Tsitsipas led 5-3 and was on the verge of advancing to the final. However, Khachanov did not back down easily and tied the score at 5-5. In a situation where he could easily take the 3rd set, Tsitsipas suddenly made a series of mistakes and allowed a 5-6 comeback.

Chichipas, who had improved his concentration, caught up 6-6 with his serve ace at the fore. The match went to a tie-break following the first set. Tsitsipas took a step closer to advancing to the final with a tiebreak lead of 6-4. However, Khachanov turned the tide of the game 8-6 by scoring consecutively after a relentless struggle with strokes.

Khachanov dramatically escaped from the brink by winning the third set.

Tsitsipas unfortunately gave up the third set, but did not shake after that. Unlike before, when he collapsed in excitement at the match, he kept his composure and widened the score to 4-1 in the fourth set. They confirmed their advancement to the finals by scoring various attacks such as volley shots and passing shots as well as their long-term forehand.

In this match, Chichipas had 18 serve aces and a scoring success rate of 84% on his first successful serve. In the winner fight, Tsitsipas overpowered Khachanov 66-46.

Tsitsipas will face off against the winner of the semifinal match between Novak Djokovic (36, Serbia, world No. 5) and Tommy Paul (25, USA, world No. 35) for the championship.

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