The future of the Doosan Bears outfield Dae-han Kim (23) threw a challenge to the starting competition in his 5th year as a member. With the encouragement of the coaching staff and seniors, he is increasing his confidence in himself.

After completing team morning training at Blacktown International Sports Town in Sydney, Australia on the 9th, Daehan Kim said, “Coach Goto always tells me to play baseball with confidence and not be nervous. “Coach Lee Seung-yeop also joked to me to stop hitting the ground ball, but today he encouraged me by saying that I am like a baseball player, perhaps because the ball hit me well.”

Kim Dae-han was a top-class prospect who joined as the first choice in 2019 with a down payment of 350 million won. While he showed outstanding potential in both pitching and batting during his Whimungo high school days, he decided to pursue his career as a hitter according to his own will in the pro field.

However, the KBO League was not an easy stage for the rookie beast. In the first year of his debut, after stagnating with 19 hits in 15 at-bats in the 1st team, he did not show any clear growth in the Futures League until the following year.

After quickly resolving military issues and returning to the team, Kim Dae-han has been preparing to break the shell of a promising player little by little since last year. In the 2022 season, he had a batting average of 0.240, 4 homers, 11 RBIs and 2 steals, not bad.

There are not a few outfield competitors in the team, including foreign hitter Rojas, but Kim Dae-han is determined to overcome them. He showed a grown-up appearance, saying, “Competition just needs me to win. If I win, I’m out of the game, so I’m always preparing with the mindset of winning.” 메이저사이트

He also expressed his aspirations to become an outfielder representing the league like Park Gun-woo (33, NC Dinos), the previous owner of the number 37, which he has worn since last year. He himself did not hide his desire to become a player who surpassed Park Kun-woo.

Kim Dae-han emphasized, “I have to go higher. I want to do better and grow in the future.”

Also, “Coach Goto always tells me to go to bat with the mindset that I am the best. He told me to get rid of the thought that I can’t hit and just swing with my own style, so I feel more confident.” It’s just fun and I’m grateful,” he explained.

He shyly revealed his humble dream of a future shared with his spring camp roommate Kim Min-hyeok (27). In the case of Kim Dae-han, he laughed when he said he wanted to get a high salary and buy his own dream car because of his good grades.

Kim Dae-han said, “Me and Min-hyuk hyung say that both of them should do well this year. In Min-hyuk hyung’s case, since he has a son, he says he wants to make a lot of money and have a happy family.” I talked a lot about the car and clothes I wanted to ride. My dream car is one of company B’s models, so I will work hard to buy it.”

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