“I’m not good at eating spicy food, but the bulgogi was fine.”

There is a foreign pitcher who entered the KBO league with Bulgogi. Right-hander Adonis Medina (27), signed by KIA for $630,000. As a native of the Dominican Republic, the quality of his fast ball over 150 km, sinker, slider and changeup is also evaluated as good. 슬롯사이트

When KIA won the combined championship in 2009 and 2017, there was a foreign ace from the Dominican Republic. Aguilino Lopez in 2009 and Hector Noesi in 2017 are the main characters. Lopez led the KIA mound with an average ERA of 3.12 with 14 wins and 5 losses in 29 games in 2009, and Hector led the KIA mound with an ERA of 3.48 and 20 wins and 5 losses in 30 games in 2017.

In particular, the two Dominican aces overwhelmed batters with pitches. Although it did not stand out after the winning season, it was a sufficiently successful contract for KIA. And this season, KIA once again challenges to a higher level as a fastball pitcher from the Dominican Republic.

Medina has high expectations internally, even more than Sean Anderson, who was recruited for a full $1 million. Even if you do not see that he is clearly more competitive than Anderson in terms of fastball speed and pitch, the quality of deformed fastballs such as sinkers and breaking balls such as sliders and changeups is also evaluated as good. Of course, there were ups and downs.

On the 8th (hereinafter Korean time), Medina said at KIA’s spring camp, Kino Sports Complex in Tucson, Arizona, USA, “My strength is sinker. I don’t know much about Korean baseball, but I ate Bulgogi and it was fine. Club staff and players are treating me comfortably.”

A fireballer in his late 20s. The Milwaukee Brewers didn’t release Medina easily. Medina said, “Honestly, it was difficult. The club did not allow him to go to Korea easily. It’s a style familiar to American baseball, so I want to experience what Korean baseball is like.”

Medina is working hard to adapt to the KBO League and KIA. He is actively using heart greetings from KIA officials, and on the contrary, he also teaches Spanish. He also had his own worldview, sporting a trendy Dominican hairstyle.

Right before the interview with Medina, he checked his condition by pitching in the bullpen. In order to become the next Lopez and Hector, there must be respect for Korean baseball. At this point, it remains to be seen whether it is German or weak that he frankly confessed that he does not know Korean baseball well.

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