New York Yankees’ Garrett Cole (33) took a step further toward his first Cy Young high.

Cole started against the Milwaukee Brewers in the 2023 Major League Baseball at Yankee Stadium in Bronx, New York on the 11th (Korea time) and recorded a quality start plus pitching with three hits, no outs, nine strikeouts and no runs in seven innings.

However, he did not go down from the mound and become a winning pitcher in the eighth inning when the batters faced 0-0 without exploding.바카라

It was good from the first episode. He finished the inning neatly with a straight hit and two strikeouts. He faced a crisis in the second inning. After two outs, he donated consecutive hits to Andrew Monasterio and Victor Caratini. He even committed a wild pitch here and was driven to second and third base. However, he showed his crisis management ability by dealing with the follow-up batter as a hit.

He regained stability in the third inning. Made a three-way shutout inning again. In the fourth inning, I got help from the Beast. After one out, Mark Kanha allowed a big hit. At this time, left fielder Everson Pereira made an out with a jump catch. Cole then finished with Willie Adams flying to center field.

Cole faced a scoring crisis again in the fifth inning. After two outs, Bryce Turang hit a double. He then ground Taylor to shortstop to finish the inning.

Cole, who also took the mound in the sixth inning, struck out two strikeouts and blocked them neatly. In the seventh inning that followed, he completed his mission with a three-way exit inning.

However, the Yankees’ batters were also blocked by Milwaukee starter Corbyn Burns and tied up without hitting a single hit. Because of this, Cole did not become the winning pitcher. 

Still, Cole made an achievement through the game. He struck out 200 times. Cole became the first Yankees player to strike out 200 for three consecutive seasons.

Cole, who was nominated by Pittsburgh as the first overall pick in 2011, made his big league debut in 2013 and emerged as an ace in 2015 by ranking fourth in the National League Cy Young voting with a 19-8 ERA and 202 strikeouts.

Cole, who moved to Houston through a trade ahead of 2018, had a career-high season with 20 wins, 5 losses, a 2.50 ERA and 326 strikeouts in 2019. However, this time, he finished second in the AL Cy Young Award behind Justin Verlander. At the end of that year, he had 16 wins and 8 losses, a 3.23 ERA, and 243 strikeouts in 2021, when he signed a mega FA contract with the Yankees with an eight-year total of $324 million, but he had to settle for second place in the Cy Young Award vote again this time. Lost to Toronto Blue Jays Robbie Ray (13-7, 2.84).

Cole, who did not have such a relationship with the Cy Young Award, took the opportunity again this year. In addition to the game, he recorded 13 wins, 4 losses, and a 2.79 ERA in 187 innings in 30 games. It ranks first in the AL with ERA and WHIP 1.03. The quality start record is also at the top of the AL with 22. The batting average of 0.214 is second in AL, and 204 strikeouts are third in AL

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