Kim Byeong-ho (50, Hana Card One Q Pay), Eom Sang-pil (46, Blue One Angels), and even Seo Hyun-min (41, Wellbang Phoenix). The ‘veterans’ who dominated the professional billiards (PBA) tour accepted the bitter cup of being eliminated in the first part. They lost their seed in the Crown Haitai Championship, the final match of this season’s regular tour, where the survival of the first division was divided, as they failed to fill the insufficient ranking points. 슬롯사이트

Sid, which is another word for ‘qualification to participate in tour competitions’, is ‘food line’. If you don’t have a seed, you can’t earn money (prize). So, to them, the Crown Haetae competition was like the last ‘tickle’ with the right to survive. A bigger problem is the fact that he is in danger of being released from the team league, which is like a ‘workplace’.

Byeong-ho Kim, better known as the father of Bo-mi Kim (24), who won runner-up in the women’s final on the 7th, only scored 2,000 points after losing to Frédéric Caudron (Belgium) in the round of 64. Kim Byeong-ho, who was ranked 83rd in ranking points with 13,500 points before the tournament, was pushed out of the cutoff with only 15,500 points this season.

As of 3:00 p.m. on the 8th, after finishing one game in the semifinals, the bottom line of survival is a tie for 64th place, with 21,500 points. Kim Byeong-ho was 6,000 points short.

Seo Hyun-min, who was the champion of the 2020-21 season (NH Nonghyup Card Championship), was also defeated by Lim Seong-gyun in the round of 64, and went through hardships. Along with Kim Byeong-ho, he scored 13,500 points in the previous match, but only scored 2,000 points in this tournament. It was also 6000 points short.

Eom Sang-pil, the ‘team leader’ of the Team League Blue One Angels, has no experience winning an individual tour, but his team leadership is recognized by the team. However, on the individual tour this season, he has been in the middle and lower ranks.

Although he showed his determination to rise to the round of 16 after a long time in this tournament, he lost 0-3 to Cho Jae-ho, so he could not secure any more points. He was ranked 112th (6,500 points), but he raised his ranking to 63rd (16,500 points) by adding 10,000 points given to the round of 16 of this tournament, but it was in vain.

Hwang Deuk-hee and Jeon In-hui, who stayed in 83rd place (13,500 points), entered the top 50 by adding 10,000 points to advance to the round of 16 side by side. This is because the ranking was pushed back due to the last-minute breakthrough of players in the lower ranks, such as securing 15,000 points and entering within the cut line while climbing to the top.

These three players, including Eom Sang-pil, not only lost their seed in the individual competition, but also faced the risk of having to take off their team uniforms. According to the PBA team league rules, if you lose your individual tour seed, you cannot be active on the team. The seed can be restored through the Qualifying (Q) School, but whether or not to ‘recruit’ the released players is entirely up to the club’s will and discretion.

Such is the case for Oh Tae-joon (31), who reached the final at the 6th High1 Resort Championship last December. Oh Tae-joon finished 101st last season, lost his seed, and was released from his team, NH Nonghyup Card Green Force. After recovering his seed through Q School, he was not nominated by his original team in the draft this season.

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