The Goseong-gun Sports Association (Chairman Cho Jae-gu) will be representing Gyeongnam with 18 members of the ‘Goseong-gun Youth Athletic Team’ at the 52nd National Youth Sports Games to be held from the 27th of this month.

The Goseong-gun Youth Team will compete in the Games with 18 athletes in four sports (6 taekwondo, 2 track and field, 3 weightlifting, and 7 swimming).

The athletes were selected at the Gyeongnam National Youth Sports Competition held in February and March.

The taekwondo team includes six athletes who were selected at the Sancheong-gun selection tournament in March. The elementary school representatives are Park Ji-woo (Goseongcho), Kim Dong-wook (Goseongcho), and Kim Do-woon (Goseongcho), while the secondary school representatives are Kang Dong-min (Soga Yajung), Seo Hyun (Soga Yajung), and Kim Bo-min (Soga Yajung), who are light middleweight, featherweight, and welterweight, respectively.

In the preliminary Taekwondo competition, the Goju Youth Taekwondo Team won 1st (Kim Dong-wook), 3rd (Kim Do-woon), and Most Valuable Player (Kim Dong-wook) in the boys’ elementary middleweight division. In the boys’ secondary division, the team won 2nd place (Kang Dong-min) in the light middleweight division.

In track and field, the team will be represented by Choi Jae-hyuk (Chulseong Middle School, 200M-400M) and Lee Eun-hee (Goseong Girls Middle School, 400M), 먹튀검증 who were selected at the Hapcheon County Selection Trials in March. Both athletes performed well at the 2023 Gyeongnam Elementary and Middle School Sports Games held in Yangsan this year, winning first place in the 200M-400M and first place in the 100M-400M, respectively.

Weightlifting will feature three athletes, Shin Sung-won (Goseong Middle School, 102kg), Lee Woo-rim (Chulseong Middle School, 55kg), and Yang Ga-hyun (Goseong Girls Middle School, 49kg), who were selected at the selection trials held in February in Goseong-gun. All three athletes won titles at the Gyeongnam 2023 Elementary and Middle School Sports Games held in April.

Swimming will be represented by seven athletes who were selected for the Jinju selection in March: Kim Hye-lin (Goseong Girls Middle School, 200m backstroke), Hwang Ye-sung (Goseong Secondary School, 50m-100m breaststroke), Choi Chae-eun (Goseong Secondary School, 50m-100m backstroke), Jin Yura (Goseong Secondary School, 50m-100m butterfly), Park Woo-young (Daeheung Secondary School, 50m-100m backstroke), Kim Do-yoon (Daesung Secondary School, 50m butterfly), and Jung Hyun-woo (Yulcheon Secondary School, 50m-100m butterfly).

This is the largest number of swimmers ever selected since the club was founded.

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