Choi Ho-seok of Guangdong Freecs, who showed a good performance in the eK League, challenges the Taegeuk mark again.

Choi Ho-seok succeeded in advancing to the finals by passing Group A of the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games FIFA Online 4 national team additional selection held on the 5th. Choi Ho-seok, who experienced the pain of being eliminated early in the national team selection event held last year, will challenge the national team again with improved performance.

Currently, Choi Ho-seok is one of the best players on the FIFA Online 4 pro stage, along with Playground x KT Rolster’s Kwak Jun-hyeok. However, in the FIFA Online 4 national team selection event held in April and May of last year, it showed a sluggish appearance. At that time, Kim Seung-seop, Kang Seong-hun, Kim Byung-kwon and Choi Ho-seok, who belonged to Group A of the finals, recorded 1 draw and 5 losses.

Choi Ho-seok, who was sluggish in the selection round, began to show his best performance in the eK League, which started at the end of May. He led the team to its first victory without recording a single loss in season 1, and also played a big role in winning the team in the EA Champions Cup (EACC) Summer, which he participated in consecutively. Afterwards, he struggled at the beginning of Season 2 of the eK League, but eventually showed off his strength by advancing to the finals of the individual competition.

On the schedule that lasted until the 2nd day of the national team selection match, Jekyung Seong, Taeyoung Kwon, and Joonho Yang belonged to Group A, and passed Jekyung Seong in the first game and Junho Yang in the matchup by defeating each with a set score of 2:1. In the match on the 3rd day of the finals held on this day, they were tied in Group A with Kim Gyeong-sik, Lee Won-hee, and Choi Yu-min, and reached the final by defeating Kim Gyeong-sik and Lee Won-hee in succession.

Meanwhile, along with Ho-seok Choi, Hyeong-seok Yoon, Chan-hwa Park, Ki-young Park, Ji-min Park, Yu-min Choi, Woo-jin Byun, and Yu-min Kim survive as the final 8 members and compete in the finals for the two remaining Taegeuk Marks. The finals will be held from the 10th to the 12th in a double elimination tournament format, best of 3 out of 2, and Choi Ho-seok and Yoon Hyung-seok, Park Chan-hwa and Park Ki-young, Park Ji-min and Choi Yoo-min, and Byun Woo-jin and Kim Yu-min play each other’s first match, and the top 2 finalists select people 온라인바카라

The players selected as the final two will form a preliminary list along with Kwak Jun-hyeok and Kim Byung-kwon, who were selected last year. After the final evaluation in May, the final and reserve one will be decided.

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