Kim Ha-sung (28) was selected as the biggest player in the San Diego Padres this season.

On the 14th (Korea Standard Time), the Major League’s official website, , selected one player for each of the 30 teams that made the most progress. In San Diego, it was no doubt Kim Ha-sung. must be aware that Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta Braves) and Mookie Betts (LA Dodgers) are fiercely competing for MVP. You may also know that Matt Olson (Atlanta) and Freddie Freeman (Dodgers) are following closely. However, do you know who is fifth in the National League (NL) WAR (based on baseball reference)?’ he introduced Kim Ha-sung.스포츠토토

In terms of NL, Kim Ha-sung (5.7) is ranked fifth after Betts (8.1), Acuña (7.6), Olson (6.4) and Freeman (6.2). Betts, Acuña, Olson, and Freeman are all superstars representing the league with strong MVP candidates, and it is surprising that Kim Ha-sung is next to them. said, “One of San Diego’s few steps, which has been underperforming this season, is Kim Ha-sung. Kim Ha-sung, who has a on-base percentage of 35 steals with a .358 on-base percentage, has grown into an elite leadoff, ranking second in the number of pitches per at-bat, he explained.

“There is no better player than Kim Ha-sung in San Diego defensively.” This season, he praised not only the second baseman but also his teammates whenever they were injured, playing wherever the team needed them, including third baseman and shortstop.

Kim Ha-sung was silent with no hits and three strikeouts in four at-bats against the Dodgers, falling to .268 with a season batting average (132 hits in 492 at-bats) and OPS.771. September 11 games batting average of 178 (8 hits in 45 at-bats), OPS.The batting decline is clear at 423, but there is a record accumulated throughout the season. The positive evaluation of him by the local media has not changed either.

In addition to Kim Ha-sung, second baseman/left fielder Davis Schneider (Toronto Blue Jays), shortstop Bobby Witt Jr. (Kansas City Royals), center fielder Louis Robert Jr. (Chicago White Sox), pitcher Bryce Elder (Atlanta), shortstop CJ Abrams (Washington Nationals), pitcher Justin Steel (Chicago Cubs) and pitcher Ryan Peppiet (Dazers) were cited as the most advanced teams.

Promising star Abrams, who competed for the starting shortstop position with Kim Ha-sung at the beginning of last season, also went to Washington to reveal his potential. Abrams, who moved to Washington at the trade deadline in early August last year, is batting .248 (123 hits in 495 at-bats) with 18 home runs, 57 RBIs and 41 steals in 135 games this year. said, “Abrams is growing in all categories, spending his first full season in the major leagues. Washington coach Dave Martinez praised the defensive development as a result of his dedicated routine, adding, “After moving to the leadoff, he had 11 home runs and a slugging percentage.”It is shining with more than 450 records. 41 stolen bases are also a threat in base running,’ he said.

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