‘K-Bull’ Hwang Hee-chan prepares to return to the ground.

On the 14th (Korean time), Hwang Hee-chan shared his current situation focusing on training through SNS. He briefly returned home for a hamstring injury check-up, then he quickly returned to Wolverhampton. Hwang Hee-chan sweated while training her upper body using battle ropes instead of her lower body, which could not be exercised excessively. I could feel her strong will to come back. 카지노사이트

It’s an unfortunate injury. Hwang Hee-chan collapsed in the 2022-23 season English Premier League (EPL) round 22 match against Liverpool earlier this month. At that time, he dug into space with sharp movements and then induced the opponent’s own goal, raising expectations. However, he suffered a hamstring injury the moment he tried to sprint in a counterattack situation in the 38th minute of the first half.

Medical staff were brought in, but he could not play the game. In the end, he had no choice but to call in Hwang Hee-chan and replace Adama Traore. Wolverhampton succeeded in ‘killing the giant’ by catching Liverpool, but Hwang Hee-chan’s condition was concerned.

It is a very unfortunate injury at the time. After coach Bruno Raj left and manager Julen Lopetegui took over, he lived up to expectations by scoring goals against Gillingham in the English Football League Cup (EFL Cup) and against Liverpool in the English FA Cup. In a situation where I was receiving more opportunities than before, I was caught in the hamstring once again.

Ultimately, the power outage was inevitable. Coach Lopetegui did not hide his regret, saying, “It’s a pity that Hwang Hee-chan was lost due to a hamstring injury. He will be out of power for a few weeks.” He continued, “The hamstring recovery is different for each player. Hwang Hee-chan is likely to be out in about 4 to 5 weeks,” he explained when he would return. Currently, it is expected to be around mid-March.

It must be regretful, but he went straight to the training ground. Korean fans encouraged Hwang Hee-chan by leaving messages of support through social media.

Meanwhile, Wolverhampton is spurring the remaining competition in the absence of Hwang Hee-chan. Against Southampton in the last round, he regained his confidence by winning a thrilling come-from-behind victory after conceding the first goal and outnumbering. Wolverhampton invites Bournemouth home in the 24th round of the EPL on the 19th to challenge for a third consecutive league win.

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