Heungkuk Life Insurance, a women’s professional volleyball club, belatedly acknowledged and apologized for “intervention from the top.” However, it was closer to ‘half an apple’.

Heungkuk Life Insurance announced on the 10th that “director Kim Ki-joong conveyed his intention to finally decline the directorship after careful consideration.” He added, “Respecting coach Kim’s wishes, we will be playing the season as acting manager Kim Dae-kyung for the time being. I’m sorry for causing controversy over the appointment of the manager.”

In addition, an apology letter in the name of owner Lim Hyung-joon was also distributed. Owner Im said at the time of manager Kwon Soon-chan’s dismissal on the 2nd, “I inevitably decided to break up with coach Kwon Soon-chan because it did not match the direction the club wanted to go.” On the 10th, he said, “I sincerely apologize to volleyball fans and the Heungkuk Life Insurance team.

Earlier, the club revealed the reason for farewell to coach Kwon Soon-chan due to the’difference in direction’, but in the volleyball world,’intervention from the top’ was cited as the cause of this situation.

Shin Yong-joon, head of Heungkuk Life Insurance, volunteered to hold a press conference prior to the GS Caltex game held at Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon on the 5th. The intention was to correct some misunderstandings. Director Shin said, “There was a conflict between manager (Kwon Soon-chan) and manager (Kim Yeo-il) over the management of the game, not the appointment of players.” I thought that and Yelena were not together. There was a disagreement (with the director) here, and it seems that a conflict occurred.”

Libero Kim Hae-ran said, “I’ve felt the (Kim Yeo-il) intervention from the general manager (Kim Yeo-il) before. In fact, the players knew from before (this incident occurred). There were many players who were hurt by the club’s intervention. I was like that too.” Confessed. Kim Yeon-kyung also said, “There was an intervention this season, and there were also games that were lost as a result.” This is in direct contradiction to Director Shin Yong-jun’s explanation.

In an apology on the 10th, Heungkuk Life Insurance expressed it as “intervention in game operation” instead of “intervention in player appointment”.

The club said, “The recent situation is the result of interest and affection for volleyball being expressed in the wrong direction of intervening in game management. It can never be tolerated and should not be repeated.” We will thoroughly block it and fully respect the director’s inherent authority. We will actively work so that the club’s firm will does not stop at just a verbal line, and we will use this incident as an opportunity to improve the culture of the Heungkuk Life Volleyball Team that respects the ‘autonomy of game management’. We will make it possible for it to be reorganized,” he said. He added, “From now on, I promise to keep in mind that the owner of Pink Spiders is not Heungkuk Life Insurance, but the players who play the game and the fans who care for them, and run the club so as not to disappoint them again.” 바카라

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