Professional baseball Doosan infielder Shin Seong-hyeon (33) is ending his career as a player.

On the 22nd, Doosan announced the retirement of Shin Seong-hyun as a player. Shin Seong-hyun recorded a batting average of .217, 16 homers and 59 먹튀검증 RBIs in 287 games over 9 seasons.

Deok Soo Middle School and Shin Seong-hyeon, who graduated from Kyoto International High School in Japan, were selected in the 4th round by the Japanese professional baseball team Hiroshima. However, while Shin Sung-hyun did not see the light of day, he made a comeback in the independent baseball team Goyang Wonders, and joined Hanwha as a foster player in 2015.

Its peak was in 2016. Shin Seong-hyun played an active role as a backup member, recording a batting average of 2.7 8.8, 8 homers and 24 RBIs in 89 games. He joined Doosan through a trade in 2017.

However, Shin Seong-hyun mostly stayed in the 2nd division at Doosan. He finally announced his retirement this year, with a batting average of 8.3 (1-for-12) in 12 games. 

Shin Seong-hyun said through the club, “It was never easy to choose to take off the professional uniform that I was fond of,” and “I made this decision to prepare for my second life.” He added, “I remember all the good moments and the sad moments. I am very sorry that I could not live up to the expectations of the Doosan fans who cheered me on more than anyone else.”

He is contemplating his post-athlete life. Doosan said, “We plan to support Shin Seong-hyun for the remaining 2023 front-line training by buying the professional consciousness that he trained harder than anyone else and the appearance of being an example to juniors.”

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