On the 12th, at the LCK Arena located in Roll Park, Jongno-gu, Seoul, the first round of the ‘2023 LCK Spring’ regular season, Dplus Kia vs. Hanwha Life Esports, was held.

On this day, ‘Kanna’ Chang-dong, ‘Canyon’ Geon-bu Kim, ‘Showmaker’ Heo-soo, ‘Deft’ Hyuk-gyu Kim, and ‘Kelin’ Hyung-gyu Kim competed in the D+ Kia, while Seong-hoon ‘Kinggen’ Hwang, Tae-min ‘Clid’ Kim, and ‘Kelin’ Hyeong-gyu participated in Hanwha Life. Kim “Jeka” Geon-woo, “Viper” Do-hyeon Park, and “Life” Jung-min Kim came out. 슬롯사이트

In the second set, Hanwha Life picked Gragas, Sejuani, Azir, Jerry, and Lulu, while Dplus Kia picked Renekton, Goku, Victor, Lucian, and Nami.

‘Clid’ attempted a bottom dive, but ‘Viper’ died as it failed, and ‘Jecca’ was ganked by ‘Canyon’ and collapsed in the mid-game. Dplus Kia, who benefited from the beginning, took the first dragon, the sea dragon, leisurely.

While ‘Canyon’ was hitting the messenger, ‘Clid’, who tried to gank mid-mid, caught ‘Showmaker’ with ‘Jecca’, but could not steal the messenger. The game went well, and ‘Canyon’, where the divine destroyer appeared, defeated the second dragon, the Earth Dragon, with the difference in items.

As the fourth dragon, the flame dragon, came out and the two teams gathered, a 5:5 teamfight was held. Hanwha Life Insurance took the dragon, but it couldn’t melt ‘Kanna’, so ‘Kingen’ and ‘Clid’ died, and even gave up Baron.

After defeating the fifth dragon, the Flame Dragon, and acquiring the Dragon Soul, Dplus Khia wore the Baron buff and captured everyone except ‘Zekka’.

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