“The goal is to run full-time as the number one hitter.”

Last season, Kim Do-young was one of the players who received the most attention from the KIA Tigers. He was called ‘Super Rookie’ wearing a KIA uniform as the first nomination, and caught attention with a batting average of 0.432 in exhibition games.

Kim Do-young, who received a lot of attention as the first hitter from the opening game of the regular season, failed to show his skills in the first team. He consistently received opportunities, but his first half average was .220 with 3 homers, 15 RBIs and 7 stolen bases in 67 games. 먹튀검증

However, in the second half, his potential was wriggling. Kim Do-young gradually melted into his professional stage with a batting average of 0.282 in July and 0.294 in August. He appeared in 36 games in the second half, posting a batting average of 0.283 with 4 RBIs and 6 stolen bases. His improved forward thinking was also a positive factor.

Looking back on the 2022 season, Kim Do-young said, “There were many parts that I was disappointed with, but there were also parts that I was satisfied with. It was a valuable time because it was a year where I learned a lot.” It wasn’t bad. I’ll try to continue it next year,” he said.

Then, what is the secret to improving performance in the second half? Kim Do-young said, “I thought a lot while on the bench. If I hadn’t hit the bat a lot in the first half, I could have gone through the season without gaining anything, but being on the bat a lot was helpful. The experience of drawing the ball with image training while at bat and enduring a manned ball. It helped a lot,” he said.

In 2023, the ‘rookie ticket’ is removed and the season begins. Kim Do-young’s attitude in preparing for this season is different.

“Last season, overall, I lacked a sense of stability. I want to show a stable image this year. I’m busy preparing a lot from the off-season, and I’m making up for a lot of things that didn’t go well last year. This year will definitely be different. I want to start the season by preparing well from spring camp. I want to play the season without getting hurt and polishing my hitting well.”

He also conveyed his strong aspirations. Kim Do-young said, “My goal is to play full-time as the number one hitter. Last year, he played a lot as the number 9 hitter, but this year, he expressed his determination, saying, “I want to play a lot as the number 1 hitter.

Even when he was an amateur, Doyoung Kim always took on the role of leadoff. She has a special meaning and attachment to her. He said, “I went out as the number one hitter at the beginning of the season, and I felt that he was the main player of the team and I felt proud. He seems to be getting stronger and thinking that he should do better.”

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