Both the person who gave the pass and the person who received the pass were anxious, but Kim Min-jung (28, 180cm) calmly connected it to the final score.

KB Stars’ Kim Min-jung started and scored 10 points and 5 rebounds in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-2023 women’s professional basketball regular league home game against Busan BNK held at Cheongju Gymnasium on the 20th. She was also responsible for scoring the final two seconds before the end of the game, giving the team a thrilling victory (62-61).

Kim Min-jung said, “Even though (Park) Ji-soo came, 1 win and 1 win are very precious. The director also said that there is no tomorrow and told us to stick to reality. He was very happy to win and I think he overcame it well.”

The highlight of Kim Min-jung’s performance on this day was the final score. With two seconds left until the end of the game, Kim Min-jung, who dug into the empty space behind Park Ji-soo’s defense, received Park Ji-soo’s pass and connected it to the final score. It was a score that made many people’s hearts tremble as Heo Ye-eun missed an easy scoring opportunity in the previous match. 카지노사이트

Kim Min-jung said, “Personally, I looked at the clock after conceding a point to Jinan, but there was more time left than I thought. He thought, ‘This is how it goes’, but he gave priority to the thought of doing it because he had a lot of time left. My defense went to (Park) Ji-soo, and when I dug in, Ji-soo took good care of me,” he explained the situation at the time.

The players must have been more nervous as Heo Ye-eun had already blown an easy scoring opportunity in the previous scoring opportunity. First, Park Ji-soo confessed about this, “Actually, I passed to (Kim) Min-jung and was a little anxious (laughs).” In response, Kim Min-jung said, “I was also anxious after shooting. I caught the ball too far under the goal post. I didn’t think of that before I shot it, but after I shot it I was like, ‘Huh?’ I did,” he confessed his urgent feelings.

All of the KB Stars players are confident. Park Ji-soo said, “When the last operation time was over, he was confident that he would not lose when he entered the court.” When KB Stars struggled at the beginning of this season, what the team needed most was confidence. How much has the team atmosphere changed for Kim Min-jung, who has been protecting the team since the beginning of the season?

Kim Min-jung said, “It is true that (Park) Ji-soo is still in perfect shape, but we will play as a complete team. I gained confidence and let go of some of the pressure. He laughed, saying, “I feel that he has come up a lot when it comes to his confidence.”

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