The possibility of another Barcelona player joining Inter Miami has been raised.

Spanish media “Pichahes” reported on the 13th (Korea Standard Time) that “Lionel Messi asked the club to recruit Ricky Foots (24, LA Galaxy) to strengthen his power.”

Messi officially joined Miami in July. Miami welcomed him with open arms, saying, “We have recruited World Cup champion Lionel Messi.”카지노

The project for Messi was immediately launched. He helped Messi adapt by bringing in coach Gerardo Martino, Sergio Busquets, and Jordi Alba, who have a strong relationship with Messi.

The effect was excellent. Miami not only succeeded in escaping from the last place by winning consecutive games in Major League Soccer (MLS) but also won the League Cup.

Messi’s personal performance was also better than expected. Messi has proved his rusty scoring ability by scoring 11 goals and five assists in 11 games in all competitions since joining Miami.

This is not Messi to be satisfied with. According to the report, Messi has identified Foots as a player who will raise the level of Miami’s midfield.

Foots is a midfielder from Barcelona. As a youth, he was considered the successor to Andres Iniesta for his smooth de-pressurization and accurate passing power.

Analysts say it will be a good recruitment. The media said, “Putz’s way of playing will be exactly in line with Messi’s philosophy. “As he is from Barcelona, he will be able to communicate effectively with Messi, Busquets, and Alba.”

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