Kia Tigers closer Jung Hae-young (21) tries to recover from his injury in Hampyeong. He was a solid closer in the 2021 and 2022 seasons, collecting 73 saves. He made history by recording 30 saves for the second consecutive year as the Tigers’ closer. This year, he challenged for 100 saves, but a sudden drop in his velocity caused concern.

His velocity didn’t come up from the start. My average velocity dropped 3-4 kilometers from last year. The original ball movement was 꽁머니사이트 good. His revolutions per minute were over 2400, which is normal, but they dropped to 2200. In 20 games, I had a 3-1 record, 6 saves, a 3.44 ERA, a 2.9 K/9, and a 1.58 WHIP. Eventually, he was sent down to the Future Team on May 29 for a pitching reconciliation.

He focused on lower body balance exercises with rehabilitation coach Seo Jae-heng. He also received mental training through counseling. He has been pitching for the Futures team since June 17. In three games, he pitched two scoreless innings, two scoreless innings, and two scoreless innings, respectively. In practice, he has been pitching mostly with his fastball. She’s looking for movement.

“I had a bad second half last year,” Jung said. This year (Hangzhou Asian Games) was an important season, so I was a little impatient. I tried to throw too well without thinking about my body and form, and I think I got into trouble,” Jung said. He was not selected for the Asian Games. “It’s because I wasn’t good enough,” he laughed.

In practice, it paid off. “In the first two games against LG, I didn’t hit many good pitches. The second team batsmen are hitting well. My fastball was up to 143-144. I think the location of the fastball is the most important thing. The rotation is important. You have to find the rotation of the shoulder and the rotation of the ball. I’ve been working hard on the weights as well as throwing the ball.”

He will also receive tips from Future Team manager Seung-rak Son. Mr. Son has added depth to baseball by developing players through training with the Dodgers. He will work with the analytics department, the SC department (strength and conditioning), and the coaches to diagnose Hae-yeong’s problems and provide prescriptions. Son is a veteran closer with 271 career saves at Nexen and Lotte. He will also work on her mental strength.

“First of all, I told him to throw a lot of fastballs. It’s good for him to judge his pitches. I’m still getting to know Hae-young well. I think it’s right for the players to try it first 토토꽁포인트 and help them when they need it. The technical part, the way to practice, should be different for each individual. We will look for problems such as body twisting, which is the most important thing for a pitcher.”

For now, it’s unclear exactly when Jung will return to the first team. Basically, he has good command and can return as soon as he finds his groove. The key will be to regain his movement, or rotation. “I’m not going to rush it,” Jung said. I’ll focus on calmly improving my movement. I will definitely get better,” she promised.

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