Aaron Judge (New York Yankees),스포츠토토who returned from injury, got three walks in his return match.

Jersey started as the second designated hitter in an away game against the Baltimore Orioles in the 2023 Major League Baseball (MLB) at Oriole Park at Camden Yaz in Baltimore, Maryland on the 29th (Korea Standard Time) and recorded no hits and three walks in one at-bats.

In his first at-bat in the bottom of the first inning, Judge hit a fast ball with a speed of 104.4 miles (about 168 kilometers), but was caught by the right fielder and turned around.

Since then, he has picked up walks in all three at-bats and finished the game without adding a hit.

Jersey suffered a toe ligament injury when he hit an outfield fence during defense in an away game against the LA Dodgers on the 4th of last month.

In the early stages of the injury, he was expected to return quickly, but the degree of injury was worse than expected, and he began long rehabilitation.

Jersey, who worked hard to recover, returned to the big leagues after 55 days, and the Yankees welcomed his return by writing “Welcome Back Captain” on their official SNS.

However, the toe condition of the jersey is not 100%. For the time being, he will play with his shoes and protectors on. In addition, he is expected to play only as a designated hitter until his toe condition improves.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone said, “I think Jersey is ready to play,” adding, “It’s definitely a good thing for him to come back to the lineup.”

Jersey said: “I didn’t want to aggravate the injury after returning. If the injury recurs, it could be a problem next year and the year after next. I’ve talked to a few doctors and they’re at a point where the ligament is stable. It’s in good condition.”

Jersey, who hit 61 home runs last season and swept the MVP in addition to a new record for the most home runs in the American League season, was also ranked first in home runs this season with 19 home runs in 49 games before his injury.

Meanwhile, the Yankees lost 0-1 to Baltimore despite Judge’s performance on third base.

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