KGC Ginseng Corporation, which won the overall title, failed to maintain its winning streak. However, they moved quickly and secured a replacement card. Expectations are high for the newly organized team.

KGC Ginseng dominated the 2022-2023 season. They won the regular season and championship, as well as the inaugural East Asian Super League (EASL) 메이저놀이터 championship. However, the team lost free agents Oh Se-geun and Moon Sung-gon to SK and KT, respectively. Guard Byun Joon-hyung also joined the team. The three were the core of the championship team. Even Yang Hee-jong, their moral support, retired.

KGC Ginseng worked diligently to compensate for the power leakage. They brought in Choi Sung-won to fill the void left by Byun Jun-hyung and selected long forward Jung Hyo-geun to replace Moon Sung-gon. KGC Ginseng, looking for a big man after the departure of Oh Se-geun, was also linked to Lee Jong-hyun.

Choi Sung-won, who played for SK, is an offensive specialist. He is likely to play as the starting guard alongside Park Ji-hoon, who was left alone by Byun Joon-hyung’s departure. Jung Hyo-geun is also a long forward who can score from the inside and outside if he is in good shape. He has a lot of offensive advantages over Moon Sung-gon. The biggest question mark is how much Lee Jong-hyun, who has been plagued by frequent injuries, will be able to contribute. He is expected to compete with Kim Chul-wook and Kim Kyung-won.

KGC Ginseng Corporation head coach Kim Sang-sik struggled to regain control of the professional team and was recognized for his leadership with a victory parade in his first season. However, the team will face a real test next season as many of its championship-winning players are missing. Even though they have reinforced their roster, there are many question marks. The fate of the ‘defending champions’ will depend on how they organize the new edition with the existing strength and new players.

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