As the big European clubs paid attention to Min-jae Kim (27, Naples) for his outstanding performance, the Naples club also caught fire. This is the background of the plan to raise the buyout (amount allowed for transfer), which is known to have been set at 48 million euros (about 64.6 billion won), to ‘at least’ 65 million euros (about 87.4 billion won). Of course, the salary increase in the process of renewing his contract. These are things that happen in less than one season.

Italy’s Sport Napoli said on the 26th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae’s contract includes a buyout clause valid only for overseas clubs for 48 million euros for 15 days from July 1.” We negotiated a renewal that included a raise and a buyout increase,” he said, citing Correare dello Sport.

Corriere dello Sport, which first reported this news, said on the front page of the newspaper that it was planning to raise the buyout to at least 65 million euros with the words ‘Minje Kim Project’. 65 million euros is the second-highest transfer fee in the club’s history, and is almost four times the transfer fee of 18.05 million euros (approximately 24.4 billion won) when Kim Min-jae transferred from Fenerbahce last summer.

If another club offers a transfer fee that is subject to a buyout, Napoli cannot refuse it. 50 million euros included in the current contract is by no means a small amount, but looking back at Kim Min-jae’s recent performance, it is clear that it is a relatively low level. The interest of the big clubs in Europe towards Kim Min-jae is also thanks to the buyout clause of only 50 million euros. 메이저놀이터

The fact that there are rumors of renewal of the contract with a buyout and salary increase in less than a year means that Kim Min-jae’s performance is brilliant. From Napoli’s point of view, it is essential to raise the buyout in order not to lose Kim Min-jae for 50 million euros. In this process, Napoli’s plan is to retain Kim Min-jae for a long time through not only his salary but also the extension of the contract period.

According to local media, Napoli’s buyout upgrade condition is ‘at least’ 65 million euros, so there is a possibility that it will rise to an astronomical level as negotiations progress. Of course, the final choice is up to Kim Min-jae. He could stay at Napoli longer through a salary increase and a contract extension, but he could turn down the contract renewal and watch the interest of other big clubs this summer. It is a happy worry created with only one’s skills.

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