2023 airborne and defensive performance Rapid growth of the complete body 20-20 Club Gold Glove Expectations When I was a runner on third base in the third inning of a home game against the Texas Rangers, I rushed home on Sander Bohartz’s fly ball to 메이저놀이터 center field. And he scored with a bold slide. However, at this time, Kim Ha-seong, who collided with opposing catcher Sam Huff, complained of shoulder pain and was eventually replaced. As a result, local media in San Diego poured out articles worrying about the team’s leadoff.

San Diego coach Bob Melvin said, “It’s not a serious injury, but it seems difficult to play in the next game,” and said, “I’ll check my physical condition every day.” stood up This is a scene where Kim Ha-sung’s presence in San Diego was clearly revealed.

The results of the detailed diagnosis also showed that he could return after taking a break for about one game. I was relieved that everyone was so fortunate. However, Ha-seong Kim, who thought he would not be able to run, appeared at bat in a match between San Diego and the Colorado Rockies held at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado on the 1st. 1 as the designated hitter. It is the first time since his big league debut in 2021 that Ha-seong Kim started as a designated hitter. Manager Melvin put the burden of defense on Kim Ha-seong and left only the batting.

The reason was clear. This is because Kim Ha-sung’s sense of hitting is hot. In fact, even at the beginning of the season, Kim Ha-seong could not erase the image of ‘a player who is only good at defense’. The bat continued to be a problem. Except for the opening two games in March, Ha-seong Kim was sluggish with a batting average of 0.177 (14 hits in 79 at-bats) in 25 games in April. However, from then on, Kim Ha-sung’s batting performance began to rise every month. In May, he hit 3 home runs with a batting average of 0.276, then showed off his batting talent by hitting 4 home runs at 0.291 in June.

In July, his bat caught fire, reminiscent of his KBO League days. Kim Ha-seong played the role of an attacking spearhead last month with a batting average of 0.337 (30 hits in 89 bats), 5 homers, 21 runs, and an on-base percentage of 0.449. Director Melvin could not hide his desire to use Kim Ha-seong as a hitter.

In the match that day, Kim Ha-seong also showed his presence by creating a chance to turn around with a double that sent the ball to the left of the left fielder in the 9th inning with 2 outs against 3-3. It is a 7-game hitting streak since the match against the Pittsburgh Pirates on the 25th. Unfortunately, however, the next hitter, Fernando Tatis Jr., struck out, so he could not hit home. San Diego lost 3-4 after extra time in this game, and Kim Ha-seong recorded multiple on-base with 1 hit and 1 walk in 4 at-bats.

This season, Kim Ha-seong has a batting average of 0.279, 14 homers, 39 RBIs and 18 stolen bases. This is the best performance since Kim Ha-sung entered the big leagues. If Kim Ha-seong adds only 6 home runs and 2 stolen bases, he will become the first Asian infielder big leaguer and the third Asian player after Choo Shin-soo and Otani Shohei to join the ’20 home run-20 stolen base’ club.

The fact that the blow has survived does not mean that Kim Ha-seong’s luxury defense skills have decreased. Kim Ha-seong, who was listed as one of the three final candidates for the Gold Glove shortstop last season, is predicted to win the Gold Glove award this season in the second base category. Kim Ha-sung’s DRS (an indicator that measures how many goals are blocked by defense) is 15, which is 3rd in the league. DRS increases as you catch difficult balls and decreases as you miss easy balls. Outfielder Dolton Basho (Toronto Blue Jays) and infielder Lion McMahon (Colorado) are the only players with higher DRS than Kim Ha-seong. This is why Kim Ha-seong is one of the candidates for the Platinum Glove given to the best defender in every position this season.

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