Lee Jung-hoo will go under the knife on 메이저사이트 Nov. 27 after suffering an ankle injury.

Lee was substituted in the eighth inning of the game against the Busan Lotte Giants on April 22 after feeling pain in his left ankle.

A medical examination revealed the worst. Lee suffered damage to his left ankle’s extensor ligament, and surgery was unavoidable. After the surgery, he will need about three months for rehabilitation.

Kiwoom coach Hong Won-ki couldn’t hide his mixed feelings about Lee.

Speaking to reporters at the Gocheok Sky Dome on the 25th, Hong said, “I hope that my fears have come true and that the surgery and rehabilitation will go well, so that there will be no hindrance to his future career.”

“I spoke to him briefly face-to-face a little while ago, and he had nothing but encouragement,” Hong said, adding, “I simply told him that the injury is in the past, so let’s focus on rehabilitation.”

Regarding the circumstances of Lee’s injury, Hong said, “Sajik Stadium was very soggy from the rain, and the soggy grass was softer and more soggy than the green grass.” “He explained that (his foot) was slightly stuck in there (the soggy grass) and (his foot) was pushed during the start,” Hong said.

When asked if he was disappointed with the grounds at Sajik Stadium, Hong said, “(All players) play under the same conditions.” “I think Lee Jung-hoo was a little unlucky,” he said.

Lee’s injury is a huge blow to Kiwoom. “It would be great if the veteran players could lead the team more,” Hong said, referring to Lee Yong-kyu, Lee Ji-young, and Lee Won-seok.

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