Another early elimination in the 1st round. How do foreign coaches view the failure of the Korean soccer team in the World Baseball Classic (WBC)? Hanwha coach Carlos Subero (51), who has been in Korea for three years this year, pointed out the old culture of Korean baseball and made a useful suggestion. 

On the 13th, the first day of the demonstration game, ahead of the Daejeon KIA match, Subero said, “Many experts thought Korea would do well together with Japan, but this unexpected thing happened. When the results are not good, there are always disappointing stories. This is also part of baseball.” 

Director Subero continued, “There is one thought that has not changed since the first day I came to Korea. It is said that Korean players try to show off their skills 안전놀이터 only inside the box. I always encourage our players to ‘Let’s not play common sense baseball’. He gave an example, saying, “I sometimes miss double plays because I try to stick to the catching stance I learned when I was young.” 

Continuing, coach Subero said, “Baseball is where you can make a super save next time even if you miss the ball while doing a diving catch and give up three runs. He also tells the players, ‘Let’s break the stereotypical box’. There are times when it’s good to be conservative, but if you work within a set framework, there can be no progress. Traditional baseball is good, but you can only develop if you get out of that mold.” 

Having spent 15 years as a minor league coach and 4 years as a major league coach in the United States, and having experienced all levels, coach Subero continued, “In the United States, players continue to be encouraged and given opportunities even if they fail. It continues to instill awareness that the process is more important than the result for player development.” 

In the United States, there are five levels before advancing to the major leagues, from rookie league to low single A, high single A, double A, and triple A. While each age group takes a step-by-step development course, in Korea, the Futures League is the only official minor league, and the remaining teams in the 3rd group only play irregular practice games. Since there is only one actual minor league, it is a difficult structure for veterans and rookie players with different purposes to get entangled together and only perform the nurturing function. 

Coach Subero said, “Rookie players face players between the ages of 28 and 30 in the second team. They are seasoned and know how to deal with younger players. When rookie players who have not experienced failure encounter this kind of situation, the confidence they have built up so far may collapse or their beliefs may be shaken in the process of doing so.” “I think ideally, there should be two or three minor league systems.” He suggested expanding the minor league system. 

It is not easy for promising players with good talent to succeed right away in the pros. Same for group 1 and group 2. Coach Subero points out that the experience of failure from the start is an element that hinders the growth of young players. It would be nice to have a minor league system for each age group like the United States, but due to practical difficulties such as budget problems, discussions are not being conducted properly. 

Choi Won-ho, coach of the Hanwha Futures, said, “The most regrettable thing is that there is only one minor league in Korea. As a result, the number of players participating in the game is limited. Both promising players and older players should play together. It’s really unfortunate that there are many players who just practice and leave the team because they don’t have a chance to play. Even if you do a lot of basic training, there are not many opportunities to play in real battles, so there are difficult parts for players to grow.” When the Futures League is playing three consecutive games, even if the remaining forces play four games a week with two consecutive games, it will be of great help to the team management.”

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