Manny Machado remains a ‘life player’ for the San Diego Padres.

On the 27th (Korean time),, which delivers news of the American professional baseball major league (MLB), reported that the San Diego club extended the contract with Machado for 5 years and 170 million dollars (224.1 billion won), and the club has not yet made an official announcement. .

Considering that Machado’s contract with San Diego has 6 years, 180 million dollars (237.2 billion won) remaining, including this season, the 11-year, 350 million dollars (461.3 billion won) contract has been concluded. Considering Machado’s age at 30, he’ll play until he’s 41, so he’s like a lifetime contract.

Machado signed a 10-year, $300 million (395.4 billion won) contract with San Diego in 2019, but at that time, an opt-out clause was included after 5 years. Since this is his fifth season in San Diego, Machado can opt out after this season and become a free agent. Machado has already indicated that he intends to exercise his opt-out.

In response, San Diego moved quickly. It’s because after wearing a San Diego uniform in 2019, he established himself as a San Diego leader in a short period of time, so he couldn’t think of a team without Machado.

In the end, San Diego offered Machado a much larger amount than before. The average annual contract signed in 2019 is 30 million dollars (39.5 billion won), but the average annual salary for a 5-year extension is 34 million dollars (44.8 billion won). Even for the entire 11 years, it is more than 33 million dollars (43.5 billion won). That’s proof that San Diego takes Machado seriously.

Of course, Machado’s annual salary is less than the terms under which Aaron Judge signed a contract with the New York Yankees ($336 million, 442.8 billion won). However, considering that Jersey’s marketability is much better than Machado’s, Machado’s price is also close to the jackpot. 안전놀이터

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