Kim Min-jae joined Napoli ahead of this season and started playing in Europe’s big leagues for the first time in his career. Contrary to concerns that he would be overshadowed by Callie do Coulibaly, who was in charge of Napoli’s defense for a long time, Kim Min-jae has been active as the core of Napoli’s defense ever since he joined. Kim Min-jae’s influence in Naples is considerable enough that Napoli’s defense varies depending on whether or not Kim Min-jae is selected. 스포츠토토

스포츠토토 He shines in both league and European competitions. Kim Min-jae is contributing to Napoli maintaining its upward trend and maintaining the top spot in Italy’s Serie A, and he is showing outstanding performance in the UEFA Champions League (UCL), showing that his skills are not being pushed back on the bigger stage. Proved.

This attracted the attention of many clubs. The season is still underway, and the possibility of Kim Min-jae’s transfer is already being discussed, even though it’s only been half a season since he joined Napoli. In addition, it became a hot topic when it was revealed that Kim Min-jae’s buyout was 50 million euros (approximately 67 billion won), an amount that any club with a certain amount of capital could pay.

The team with the strongest connection to Kim Min-jae was Manchester United. Man Utd is currently using Raphael Baran and Lisandro Martinez as the main center back combination, but I am worried that Harry Maguire and Victor Lindelof, candidates to support the two players, are not performing as well as expected. Accordingly, he made a plan to dispose of Maguire and Lindelof and recruit Kim Min-jae, who proved his skills in Naples. This is a story that comes out because Kim Min-jae is a center back who has all the speed, defensive skills, and build-up skills that coach Eric ten Haag wants.

It was reported that Man Utd and Kim Min-jae had started negotiations. Italy’s Corriere dello Sport reported that Manchester United had started negotiations with Kim Min-jae’s agency, and explained that Manchester United plans to recruit Kim Min-jae by meeting Kim’s buyout clause, which will be triggered from July 1 to 15. .

Meanwhile, Napoli is eager to protect Kim Min-jae. Napoli is known to be trying to raise the buyout amount through contract renewal after Kim Min-jae’s buyout amount was disclosed.

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