SSC Napoli is also in a position that it cannot easily give up its key resources.

Italian media said on the 27th, “Many clubs, including Manchester United, want to sign Victor Osimen. Therefore, even in the summer, the transfer fee for Osimen starts at least 120 million euros (about 161.2 billion won). It is expected to start.”


Osimen, a Nigerian striker born in 1998, is leading Napoli’s winning race by exploding 13 goals and 3 assists in the first half of this season. It is evaluated that there is no doubt about his ability, but he is worried about his injury history.

Because of this, multiple clubs want to recruit Osimen. Napoli are not going to let him go easily and they paid a lot of money to bring him. It seems that his outstanding skills are added to this and the high transfer fee is formed.

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