The NC Dinos will host the Futures League home game against the Sangmu Baseball Team at Masan Baseball Stadium on the 16th as a retirement game for Kim Gun-tae, the training coach, and Kwon Jung-woong, the playing coach.스포츠토토

After graduating from Jinheung High School, Kim Gun-tae, a training coach, started his professional career with Nexen in 2010 and wore a Dinos uniform after receiving NC’s nomination in the second draft of the KBO in 2017. He played in 183 games in the regular league with 5 wins, 13 losses, 12 holds, and a 5.20 ERA, and helped the team win its first integrated title as a key player in the 2020 season. After the 2022 season, he turned into a team training coach and is working with Team C (NC Futures Team) players.

Kwon Jung-woong started his professional career with Samsung in 2015 after graduating from Hanyang University. He joined NC in September 2022 and has batted .200 with six home runs in 75 games in the regular league so far. In recognition of his unique sincerity and communication skills, he has been with the team since May this year as a playing coach for Team C.

On this day, Kim Gun-tae, the training coach, and Kwon Jung-woong will play as substitutes during the game and show their final appearance as players to fans. After the match, a bouquet of athletes will be presented and a group photo session will be held to commemorate the breakup of the familiar ground and the start of a new challenge.

“All players dream of finishing their active career and having a retirement ceremony,” said Kim Gun-tae, a training coach. He wasn’t the main player in every game, but I think he made this honorable event because he liked how he worked hard on the team. While training as the team’s own coach, he is studying something else that he has never experienced as a player. I’ve been thinking a lot about how to help behind the team and seeing and feeling the development and growth of the players. Using this study as the foundation, I will always do my best as a member of the NC Dinos for a long time. “Now that I’m making another start, I want to show you a good finish as a player Kim Gun-tae,” he said.

Kwon Jung-woong, the playing coach, said, “It’s been a year since I came to NC, and I’m grateful to the club officials for preparing such a meaningful place ahead of a new start. “I’m also grateful to the fans who supported me consistently even though I wasn’t a player who was in the spotlight, and now I’ll do my best to play my role in helping the players,” he said.

Lim Sun-nam, head of the NC Dinos, said, “I would like to express my gratitude to the two people who have devoted themselves to the team. “I will support the future of the two players who were more sincere and hot on the ground than anyone else,” he said.

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