Son Heung-min’s strength is his ability to break through like a flurry of space.

Dribbling is not important here.

Son Heung-min also relies on Harry Kane’s measured pass.

Thanks to this, Son Heung-min became the top scorer in the Premier League last season.

However, these three Ol Sisons disappeared.

There is no space, the dribble success rate has decreased, and Kane’s pass has disappeared.

This is why Son Heung-min lost his chance to score.

This is a sharp analysis of the British media Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail said on the 10th (local time), “Tottenham conceded the opening goal in 12 of the 22 league games. They lost too much time. Because of this, they had to pull up the line and attack. There were more touches in the final third than counterattacks. Son Heung-min was not given space to play.” 스포츠토토

The Daily Mail also pointed out that “Son Heung-min has recorded a dribble success rate of over 50% since the 2017-18 season. This season it was only 36%.” It is true that Son Heung-min’s personal skills are rather weak in a small space.

The Daily Mail then said that the change in Kane’s position was giving Son Heung-min a fatal blow. It means that Kane is not coming down and staying at the forefront. He naturally becomes unable to pass to Son Heung-min. Kane has been more concerned with scoring than passing this season.

In the end, Son Heung-min has no choice but to overcome this problem himself.

This is because in Antonio Conte’s football, there will not be enough space in the future, and Kane’s passes to Son Heung-min will be reduced.

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