▲ Suazo of Toulouse, who played against Paris Saint-Germain ▲ Responded
to his impression of the match against Messi by saying, “I think it will be something I will be proud of for the rest of my life”
▲ Messi, who showed fantastic dribbling as well as the final shot against Toulouse, shows the dignity of GOAT

[Goal.com] Reporter Park Moon-soo = “There was Messi in front of me. This is my pride. I’m happy to have faced him.

” 21st century GOAT. Lionel Messi is football itself. Even if they are the same player, Messi is different. You will know without having to say it. 안전놀이터

How would you feel playing against such a Messi? “I’m proud and happy,” said Gabriel Suazo, left-back of the Chile national team belonging to Toulouse in Ligue 1, France.

On the 6th (local time), Suazo revealed his impressions of facing Messi for the first time through the ‘Global Edition’ of this media (Gol.com).

According to a report quoting an interview with ‘ESPN’, Suazo said, “Obviously, I want to become a more important player on the pitch. It was also a pleasure. Being on the same pitch as Messi will be a source of pride for me.”

He continued: “Messi is the best player in the world for whatever reason. He has the best qualities. Unfortunately we didn’t win because he conceded a goal to Messi. A player like Messi can shoot unexpectedly in the game. decide

In the case of Suazo, as a member of the Chilean national team, he faced Argentina in the South American qualifier for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. He was substituted in the second half, but there was no confrontation with Messi. Because Messi was absent at the time.

In the case of Suazo, who was born in 1997, it was not until November 2021 that he began to be used in the Chilean national team. He was a backup at first. He only started playing as a starting defender after completing all the World Cup qualifiers. He didn’t have the opportunity to face Messi directly.

The opportunity has come. Joined League 1 through the winter transfer market in the 2022/23 season. He played three matches. He appeared as a substitute against Strasbourg and PSG this time.

As a left-sided defender, he was able to have a brief confrontation with Messi, who is mainly active on the right-side. Immediately after being replaced by Suazo, after receiving a pass from Hakimi, Messi broke the Toulouse defense in an instant with an exquisite dribble breakthrough. Because Messi dug into the center, Suazo had nothing to mark Messi directly. Instead, on the pitch, you could see how Messi rocked the defense.

After that, Messi once again showed a fantastic performance. After receiving the ball, he broke the Toulouse defense once again with his speed. He then attempted a left-footed shot, but it missed the goal. Suazo, who was put in as a substitute, marked Messi exclusively, but collapsed due to Messi’s momentary breakthrough.

Even in the second half of extra time, Messi’s class was still the same. In an instant, he broke through to the gate. After breaking the Toulouse defense, he attempted a shot. It was exquisite, but this time it came out after hitting the post. As in the previous situation, there was no direct confrontation with Suazo as Messi dug into the center from the side. Already, Suazo missed Messi and had to cover the right flank.

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