Following the Tokyo Olympics, LG Park Hae-min, the league’s best Houtajun center fielder who has also worn the Taegeuk mark on the WBC national team, is set out to catch two rabbits this year.

The team wins and advances to the WBC semifinals.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji met.


Last year, the first season of LG transfer as a free agent, Park Hae-min was left with a ‘sadness’.

He batted 2.8 with 24 stolen bases while playing in all 144 games.

He even made a number of famous scenes of lake rain, but failed to advance to the Korean series.

[Park Hae-min/LG : “I went through the season with a lot of expectations with the goal of winning, but I think the most memorable moment was when I lost (playoffs) and the season ended.”]

So, Park Hae-min’s goal for the upcoming new season has become clearer.

[LG Park Hae-min’s ‘Balance Game’: “(If you tell me two things, please tell me one quickly. Parenting-Baseball?) Baseball. (Kim Hyun-soo-Oh Ji-hwan?) …Kim Hyun-soo. (Team championship, and Golden Glove? ) Team championship. I don’t think there’s anything better than that.”]

Another thing that makes Park Hae-min play is the WBC national team, Taegeuk mark.

At the Tokyo Olympics, he mainly competed as a batsman and recorded an on-base percentage of 50%.

And in the WBC tournament, the role of Park Hae-min, who is quick to play, has become more important as the second base game is applied from the 10th overtime.

[“(A batter-runner in case of a match?) Let’s run. (Did you choose the one you are more confident in?) I think you can say that you are confident in being able to come home from the runner.”]

LG’s first Korean series in 29 years Park Hae-min runs toward two goals: winning the championship and reappearing in the WBC semifinals. 스포츠토토

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