FC Anyang, which is once again challenging for promotion, has strengthened its side defense with the recruitment of Lee Tae-hee.

On the 7th, Anyang announced through a press release that they had recruited side defender Lee Tae-hee.

Lee Tae-hee, who graduated from Gwacheon High School and Soongsil University, made his professional debut in 2015 through Seongnam. Excluding the time at Sangju Sangmu, where he joined for military service in 18-19, he played a total of 7 seasons in Seongnam alone until 2021. He played an active role in Daegu in the 2022 season, and joined Anyang in the 2023 season. His K-League career record is 6 goals and 15 assists in a total of 181 games. 바카라사이트

Lee Tae-hee is a side defender whose strengths are his vigorous activity and active overlapping. He can always display good skills, such as creative ball control and active involvement in the attack. He is a style that strongly dominates opponents even in defensive situations, and is expected to bring great vitality to Anyang’s flanks.

Lee Tae-hee, who joined Anyang, said, “It is an honor to join Anyang. I joined the team late, but I will try to adapt well and achieve the goals the team wants and personal goals. I will greet you at the stadium.”

Meanwhile, FC Anyang is conducting the 2nd battery training in Namhae, Gyeongsangnam-do from the 3rd (Fri).

▶ Location where the photo was taken: Kimchungup Architecture Museum

  • The Kim Chung-up Architecture Museum is a building remodeled from the Anyang Factory of Yuyu Industry Co., Ltd. located in Seoksu-dong, Manan-gu, Anyang City. It was designed by the late Kim Chung-up, a master of modern architecture in Korea. Yuyu Industrial Factory is his early work, showing a unique form, such as incorporating sculptures into factory buildings. Within the site, there are a flagpole support from Jungchosa Temple Site designated as Treasure No. 4 and a three-story stone pagoda from the Goryeo Dynasty. As it is excavated, its meaning becomes more special.

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