Will director Steven Gerrard work with Roberto Lewandowski?

On the 10th (Korean time), Poland’s Mechik reported that the Polish Football Association had contacted coach Gerard. The position of coach of the Polish national team is currently vacant. After the round of 16 of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, coach Chesław Mihnievich resigned. Poland has put up Paulo Bento, who led the Korean national team, as well as Roberto Martinez, Herber Renard, and Vladimir Petkovic, but it seems to be leaning towards Gerrard. The media said, ‘The association can offer a huge annual salary for a new manager. If a star like director Gerard comes, we can attract more support,’ he said, ‘Director Gerard also responded positively to Poland’s proposal.’

Gerrard resigned as Aston Villa manager in October of last year due to poor performance. Liverpool legend coach Gerrard has been recognized for his leadership, such as transforming into a leader after retiring from active duty in 2020 and leading the undefeated championship by taking over as manager of the prestigious Scottish Rangers. Although he has no experience in coaching the national team, he seems to have received a high score in that he has a lot of experience. If Gerard takes over, attention will also be paid to working with Poland’s best star, Lewandowski.

Director Gerard’s trip to Poland is becoming more influential, and Bento’s future is also attracting attention once again. 스포츠토토 Coach Bento, who broke up with Korean soccer, rose in price and was nominated for coaching the Polish and Ghanaian national teams. However, there has been no movement yet.

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