The Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) recently held an emergency countermeasure meeting on the 9th about controversies related to consecutive video readings, such as KB Insurance net touch, KGC Ginseng Corporation’s transmission of five scenes, and Hyundai Capital’s four-hit related reading corrections.

The federation said in a press release, “We apologize for the confusion caused during the recent video review process, and we have issued a stern warning to the head of the game operation office and the head of the referee office, taking responsibility for training and management.”

At the same time, the federation said, “When reading the video, we plan to carefully proceed with the reading process by using a multi-angle reading screen. ⌜If the game/judge finds a clear error right after the video review result is announced, the guide has been set as one that can be corrected through a reconfirmation procedure, limited to the screen(s) already provided immediately.”

The federation said, “We plan to make every effort to make an accurate judgment based on a lesson from this case, and thoroughly educate game/judges and referees to ensure a smoother operation in relation to the video review operation, and do our best to prevent recurrence. I plan to do everything,” he said. 바카라

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