Korea Expressway Corporation and GS Caltex competed for the 3rd place with the ‘Spring Volleyball Ticket’, and the Korea Expressway Corporation laughed widely.

Highway Corporation won GS Caltex with a set score of 3-1 (24-26 27-25 28-26 33-31) thanks to Park Jung-ah’s great performance in the 5th round of the professional volleyball Dodram 2022-23 V-League Women’s Division held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul on the 27th. ) won.

The Korea Expressway Corporation won two consecutive victories following a 3-1 victory over leading Hyundai E&C on the 24th. With a record of 13 wins, 11 losses and 38 points, the team entered the All-Star break while maintaining its sole 3rd place. The difference between the 4th place KGC Ginseng Corporation (35 points) and the points widened to 3. On the other hand, GS Caltex suffered two consecutive losses. Staying at 33 points (11 wins, 13 losses), they were tied to 5th place.

Like the two teams competing for the 3rd place to advance to the postseason, a deuce battle unfolded from the 1st to the 4th set.

It was the home team, GS Caltex, that took the lead first. GS Caltex was pulled 4-10 at the beginning of the set. However, after changing the setter from Ahn Hye-jin to Kim Ji-won, the flow completely changed. Kim Ji-won increased the attack speed with a one-tempo fast toss. Naturally, the attack success rate also increased.

On the other hand, the road construction was flooded with mistakes. They lost the early lead and allowed a 13-12 reversal. GS Caltex, who took the lead, took a 22-16 lead and allowed the road construction to pursue and was dragged into deuce. However, in the deuce, after making a set point with Kang So-hui’s quick open, she struggled to win the first set with the fault of Catbell of the Road Corporation on her back.

The road construction started counterattacking from the second set. Catbell and Park Jung-ah took charge of the attack by raising 7 points each. GS Caltex also took the lead in the road construction with native strikers such as Han Su-ji and Yoo Seo-yeon. The one who laughed in the deuce match was the road construction. At 25-25, setter Lee Yoon-jung broke the balance with an open attack. Park Jeong-ah then blocked GS Caltex MoMA’s spike on 26-25 to finish the second set.

The road construction took one step closer to victory by bringing even the third set. It was also a deuce battle. GS Caltex seemed to be on the verge of winning the third set, leading by 24-21 at the end of the set. However, it was Park Jung-ah who saved the road construction company from being driven to the edge of a cliff. Park Jung-ah led the deuce 24-24 by scoring three consecutive points alone with two quick opens and blocking.

Park Jung-ah balanced the game with an open attack even when she was behind 25-26. Highway Corporation, whose morale was boosted by Park Jung-ah’s one-man show, scored 2 points with Catbell’s open attack and Jung Dae-young’s blocking on 26-26, completing a come-from-behind drama.

Highway Corporation, which gained confidence by winning the 2nd and 3rd sets, could not avoid a deuce match even in the 4th set. I laughed at the end though. The solution was Park Jung-ah. Park Jung-ah scored setter Lee Yoon-jung’s back toss with a quick open at 31-31. Then, in 32-31, GS Caltex’s attack was out, and the road construction achieved a dramatic victory. 스포츠토토

While foreign player Catbell was responsible for scoring 30 points, the most in the team, Park Jung-ah also scored 29 points. In particular, Park Jung-ah’s ability as a solver shone at every critical juncture. Middle blocker Bae Yu-na also scored 14 points and Jeong Dae-young also scored 11 points. On this day, the Korea Expressway Corporation scored 14 points only by blocking, defeating GS Caltex (11).

In GS Caltex, MoMA, who came back from injury, posted the most of both teams with 33 points, and Yoo Seo-yeon also struggled with 24 points, but showed regret at the back of each set.

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