It’s hot. It’s hot. It’s raining, and it’s a strange forecast that the heat will overlap. Today (11th) is only Chobok. I mean, there’s a lot of summer left. The cool breeze is still a long way off. Stays far north end. But there are already people who are worried about autumn.

It’s Monday without baseball. Yesterday (10th) some communities were hot. This is due to a significant notice. There were no details about the nuclear bomb going off by the end of the day. However, the author of the post is known to be a Twins fan. There was a lot of speculation because of this. It was supposed to be about the squad.

The chimney is beginning to smoke. It’s rising. Reproduced by specific rumors, it grows bigger. It’s a story about a trade. This was the headline that drew the most attention. “An announcement will be made in exchange for the selection of a team in the Seoul metropolitan area.” The plot is that the price includes one young fielder and the right to draft.

There’s another one. It’s about an exchange between foreign pitchers. The opponent is a local club. It is also expected that it will be made under additional conditions, including the right to nominate. Or there was a brain official that the replacement of foreign pitchers was imminent.

But in the end, Monday passed. 메이저사이트 The emptiness left by the empty official filled the bulletin board. The futility turns into disappointment and anger. “I’ve been bitten by the rice cake properly,” “I’ve been waiting, but it’s going to be a failure,” “It’s going to look like last year again.” “It’s going to be a smoke screen. “Let’s wait.” “What’s your plan for autumn baseball?”.

It’s a technical term for fans. It is referred to as ‘some’. So it’s an abbreviation for “some fans.” It refers to some people who make strong and prominent opinions or arguments, but not mainstream. Of course, it can’t be a good meaning. It implies a sense of distance that is different from what I mean.

It’s part of it, if you insist. Some Twins fans are very worried. Three to four months from now. It’s a concern for autumn. Will we be able to fulfill our long-cherished desire if we continue like this. Maybe it will be upgraded like last year. It is difficult to shake off such anxiety. So berate, condemn, and urge.

There is only one reason. The starting lineup is not reliable. To take the presidency, one to three starters must be good. No, even a one-two punch should be certain. However, other than Adam Plutko, I am not sure. That is, of course, a valid point. It is almost the only problem in LG’s current power.

Above all, Casey Kelly’s pace is too low. I thought it would be okay. The slump lasts a long time. Therefore, there are rumors of a replacement. You have to meet the deadline to make a difference in any way. He will not be able to play in the postseason until the end of July.

However, it is not clear that the domestic faction is clear. Im Chan-kyu is fine, but he needs more trust. There are no fixed four to five starters. There are only a few candidates. The audition is still going on. Casting is likely to take a long time. That’s why some of the nerves seem to be on edge these days.

I’ll say it again. Some points are very pertinent. And that’s a reasonable argument. The probability is sufficient. I believe it is somewhat factual reasoning.

But. Nevertheless.

The Twins couldn’t be better now. It’s a strong first place. It’s an outstanding team. He is the only one who has a winning rate of over 60%. There is also a growing gap with last year’s champion (Landers). It’s already 2.5 games apart. And it’s hard to see down there. It is a distant object that all teams envy.

Everything is impeccable. It’s a batting lineup with no place to rest. Of course, the team batting average (0.287) is first. The bullpen is also the strongest. There are even two must-win groups. Thanks to this, the team’s ERA (3.63) is also the lowest. The internal and external defense is also solid. It’s hard to find a loose place. Thanks to this, the opponent is scared even with a 4-5 point difference. It’s because of the scary hindsight of chasing and turning it upside down.

It’s been a long time since I’ve raced to the front. We don’t have to worry about drinking dust. There’s still a long way to go to get the glossy jumper out. Preparing for fall? There are people who will do that on their own. The front office is dozens of people. The coach puts his head together every day. They are also urgent, desperate parties.

It’s the end of a long wait. Just enjoy it for now. Cheers to your heart’s content, sing a song. You deserve it.

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