Confidence between Song Min-gyu (KDB Industrial Bank, 147th in doubles) and Nam Ji-seong (Sejong City Hall, 152nd in doubles), who led Korea’s revival of knights in the 2023 Davis Cup finals (4th 1 doubles) The fact that he did not fall behind in the atmosphere was cited as approval.

Song Min-gyu and Nam Ji-seong paired Yoran Bliggen (53rd in doubles) and Sander Gillet (55th) in doubles on the second day of the 2023 Davis Cup final match against Belgium held at the Olympic Park Indoor Tennis Court in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 5th (7th). -6<7-3> 7-6<7-5>).

It was a victory that saved Korea from the brink of defeat by giving up both the first and second singles on the first day.

Korea was on the verge of failing to advance to the Davis Cup Finals, which is equivalent to the world’s top 16, if they lost the doubles, but Song Min-gyu and Nam Ji-seong won and revived their hopes.

Korea, which has succeeded in reversing the atmosphere, can win the right to advance to the finals of the Davis Cup Finals for the second year in a row, for the fifth time in its career and the first time in history, if it catches both the third and fourth singles.

Nam Ji-seong, who attended the press conference after the game, couldn’t hide his joy, saying, “I’m still excited.”

He continued, “I didn’t think we would lose, but as our opponents were top 50 players, we thought Millie could be trapped in the game.” 카지노

Song Min-gyu said, “Even though we had a break chance at the beginning of the game, we thought it would be difficult because we couldn’t catch it. We kept our serve game and told them to go to the tie-break instead.” Explained.

Song Min-gyu and Nam Ji-seong made a promise to ‘not be pushed out of the atmosphere’ after Korea lost 2 the day before.

Song Min-gyu said, “It was a difficult situation, but Ji-seong and I still had doubles. We analyzed the opponents once more last night, thinking that we would only do ours.” continued,” he said.

Nam Ji-seong added, “Out of all the matches I’ve played so far, I shouted ‘fighting’ the loudest and most.”

Nam Ji-seong, who has a weakness in serving, continued to instill confidence in himself during the game. Nam Ji-seong, who said, “Recently, I have been practicing with an emphasis on serving,” said, “I tried to put the serve more confidently. I brainwashed myself while continuing to talk to myself.”

Nam Ji-seong, who hit the game-deciding serve ace in the match point situation in the second set, looked back and said, “I was more nervous because it was an important serve, but he told himself to do it confidently and entered neatly.”

The two unanimously said that the support of the crowd was a great strength during a crisis.

Song Min-gyu said, “The cheering did not come as a burden. I hoped the crowd would shout louder,” and Nam Ji-seong said, “Thanks to the fans’ cheers and cheers, I was able to play a good game with confidence as adrenaline came out more.” said.

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