The most important thing for ‘veteran’ K-leagues is their family, especially their children. The desire to show children that their father is a K-league is an amazing motivating factor that makes veteran players grit their teeth and run.

The age of the 2012 London Olympics generation, who were called ‘Hong Myung-bo’s children’, is now heading towards their mid-thirties. Ten years ago, when they won the bronze medal at the London Olympics, those who were evaluated as promising players who will lead Korean football are now establishing themselves as the best in the team. The mind full of aspirations to play better football and play on a higher stage has now changed a little. Now, there are more stories about family and, more than anything else, children who won’t hurt even if you put them in your eyes.

Gangwon FC veteran defender Yoon Seok-young tells a story that is interesting. At the meeting at the 2023 K-League winter training media camp held at the Songjeong Hotel in Busan on the 10th, he laughed, saying, “These days, when I talk to my brothers, they all talk about childcare.

That’s the real atmosphere. This can be seen from the reaction of Busan I-Park midfielder Park Jong-woo, whom we met at the same place the day before. When Park Jong-woo, who was going through a rather complicated period due to the delay in renewing his contract with his team last winter, was asked how long he wanted to play as an active player, he said, “I don’t know if everyone is married or has children, but my son is now in the first grade of elementary school. “received

Park Jong-woo said, “These days, kids really like soccer. So, I want to show my son that his father is a soccer player. I want to build more memories that my father was a soccer player, which motivated me to want to play more.” Now, when the kids have grown up and can have a little bit of awareness that their dad is a K-league, the desire to look great on the pitch seemed really great. 바카라사이트

When Park Jong-woo told this to Yoon Seok-young, he laughed and said, “I don’t know if my child will be able to see me play soccer.” The ‘new groom’ Yoon Seok-young met her lifelong partner last winter and married her successfully. Yoon Seok-young, who saw Park Jong-woo’s reaction in ‘Wish for a Son’, said, “I asked the other brothers, but they said that was really big. I heard that a child who sees his father running on the playground has a different respect for his father.” .

He said that he had to play until he was at least 40 years old to show his child that he was a ‘K Leaguer dad’, so he asked Yoon Seok-young, who just smiled, if he would be able to see the ‘Cradle Ceremony’ this year. Yoon Seok-young wittily replied, “I have to work hard outside the soccer field as much as on the soccer field.” London generation players who were full of prospects decades ago are now very happy to be ‘dad’. Even if I became an uncle, I’m just happy.

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