Ahead of the Asian Games in Hangzhou in 토토사이트추천 September, there was a problem with the departure of the ‘Hwangseonhong-ho’. This is because of the past activities of defender Lee Sang-min (23, Seongnam FC), who was on the final roster for the national soccer team. Even after being caught by the police with a history of ‘drunk driving’ that would have been kicked out early if he was in the entertainment industry, he participated in three matches for the Asan team in Chungcheongnam-do at the time, causing controversy. The fact that he had been ‘concealed’ for a long time without informing the club shocked football fans even more. This is why ‘Hwang Seon Hong Ho’ is criticized.

Furthermore, there is another reason to live up to the public outrage. This is because players who caused social controversy for drunk driving can receive the benefits of ‘special military service’ in the future. It is a question of whether or not he is qualified to represent the country wearing the Taegeuk mark.

In addition, it was known that director Hwang Seon-hong was aware of this and selected Lee Sang-min, so he stood at the center of criticism. Coach Hwang has been calling Lee Sang-min without fail from the time he formed the under-23 (U-23) national team in 2021 to the present. Some say that since Lee Sang-min received and fulfilled the disciplinary action (15 game suspension and 4 million won in fine) from the Korea Professional Football Federation (KFA) reward and punishment committee, it is worth considering that it was sufficiently organized from the viewpoint of coach Hwang. Also, there are claims that he was selected for the national team two years ago and secretly selected the Asian Games national team while observing public opinion.

It’s not that I don’t understand Hwang’s position. In the K-League, it is difficult to find players who fit the manager’s inclination, and it is also quite difficult to coordinate the selection of players with the club. In the midst of this, Lee Sang-min’s discovery must have been a difficult choice for Hwang to give up. In that sense, it seems that the Korea Football Association cannot be free from this controversy.

First of all, the Korea Football Association should have looked at the association’s ‘national football team operating regulations’ for Lee Sang-min. In Article 17 (Reason for Discipline and Disqualification) Paragraph 4 of the relevant regulation, ‘a person who has been punished under Article 148-2 of the Road Traffic Act for an act related to drunk driving, etc., and who falls under any of the following items’ is eligible to become a national representative. don’t deserve Those sentenced to a fine of 5 million won or more and within three years of the sentence being finalized, and those sentenced to a fine of less than 5 million won and less than two years after the sentence was confirmed. Lee Sang-min committed drunk driving and boarded the ‘Hwangseonhongho’ less than a year ago, so there is no excuse from the Football Association’s point of view.

Compared to other sports, the national soccer team is very generous. Even when the national team was formed for the two A-matches against Peru and El Salvador last month, public opinion was boiling. At the time, the controversy over ‘racism’ arose with the posts that Park Yong-woo, Jung Seung-hyun, Lee Kyu-seong, and Lee Myung-jae (Ulsan Hyundai) shared on social network service (SNS). The Professional Football Federation held a reward and punishment committee and imposed a one-game suspension and 15 million won in fines on the remaining three players, except for Jeong Seung-hyun. According to the K-League reward and punishment regulations, severe punishment such as suspension for more than 10 games can be given for racially discriminatory behavior, but it was a ‘cotton bat’ punishment. Anyway, it was also a proof that the matter was not light.

However, coach Jurgen Klinsmann not only put the names of Park Yong-woo and Jeong Seung-hyun on the national team list, but also let them play in both games. Manager Klinsman explained the reason for letting the two play, saying, “Anyone can make mistakes. It is also the role of the manager to help them grow as human beings.” That’s right. However, the match was a national competition, not a school sports day, early football, or professional stage. It had been less than a week since the controversy arose.

Although the selection of national team players is within the manager’s domain, shouldn’t it be reexamined if there is a potential for controversy at the final decision stage? That is the reason for the existence of the Football Association. In the process of selecting the national team, the eyes and ears of the people are wide open. However, the Football Association is still in an atmosphere of failing to ‘converge public opinion’. This is despite the recent measles due to the controversial apology of the head of the Football Association and the resignation of the board of directors. I expressed my stance to the media that I would change, but why is it that nothing seems to have changed?

In fact, it is not yesterday or today that the composition of the national team was on the cutting board due to controversies such as ‘Drunk Driving’, ‘School Violence’ and ‘Dating Violence’. Last March, the baseball team bowed its head at the disastrous result of being eliminated from the preliminary round at the World Baseball Classic (WBC). At the same time, the person who appeared at the same time is Ahn Woo-jin (24, Kiwoom Heroes), who is currently considered the best pitcher in the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) league.

At the time of his professional debut in 2018, Ahn Woo-jin was punished by the Korea Baseball and Softball Association for violence in high school, preventing him from dreaming of becoming a national team player. Organizations affiliated with the Korea Sports Council are unable to participate in the Olympics and Asian Games, where national teams are selected. It was almost possible to participate in the WBC, where the KBO formed the national team, but the KBO Technical Committee did not select Ahn Woo-jin. It is a collection of public criticism of school violence.

I wonder if director Lee Kang-cheol also said at the press conference on his return, “I have no regrets about the decision (not choosing An Woo-jin).” The name of Ahn Woo-jin did not exist in the final entry for the Hangzhou Asian Games baseball team announced last month.

What is volleyball like? The men’s volleyball team aimed to win the Asian Volleyball Confederation (AVC) Challenge Cup this month, but ended up finishing third. His grand dream of returning to the world stage was not realized as he failed to advance to the finals. Even last May, the national team was full of confidence. In particular, he was reassured by the existence of Jeong Ji-seok (28, Korean Air). It is no exaggeration to say that Jeong Ji-seok is the best striker in Korea. He is excellent in both offense and defense, and his serve ability is also outstanding, so he is recognized in the domestic league.

However, controversy arose among volleyball fans over Jung Ji-seok’s promotion to the national team. Jung Ji-seok was dispositioned by the Korea Volleyball Association on May 6 last year due to the controversy over ‘dating violence’ and was banned from being selected for the national team for one year. The Volleyball Association selected Jeong Ji-seok exactly one year later. However, there was no ‘stop-seok effect’. In addition, the names of sisters Lee Jae-young and Da-young Lee, who left the domestic league due to the controversy over ‘school violence’ in the disastrous performance of the women’s volleyball team, which recently lost in the Volleyball Nations League (VNL) of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB), were even mentioned.

At the same time, there is also a point of view that it is not putting a particularly high ethical and moral standard on sports players. It may be natural if you look at it in the spirit of sports. This is because the basic value of sports is fair play that abides by established norms of behavior or rules. That’s why the weight of the national team has no choice but to be heavier. Isn’t this the reason Son Heung-min or Kim Yeon-kyung carves a sense of mission and responsibility, saying, “For the country…”?

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