SSG Landers succeeded in winning 2 consecutive games.

SSG won 4-0 in the 15th game of the season against the Samsung Lions of the 2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League held at Incheon SSG Landers Field on the 13th 먹튀검증. I caught Samsung for two days in a row and finished the weekend with a winning series of three consecutive games. In the match the previous day (12th), they won 3-2.

SSG’s batting order was Choo Shin-soo (designated hitter) Choi Ji-hoon (right fielder) Kim Kang-min (center fielder) Choi Jeong (3rd baseman) Park Sung-han (shortstop) Kim Seong-hyeon (2nd baseman) Han Yu-seom (left fielder) Oh Tae-gon (1st baseman) Kim Min-sik (catcher).

The Samsung selection against SSG hitters is Taylor Widener, who succeeded in ‘re-employment’ after the release of NC. Widener is his first appearance in a Samsung uniform.

Kim Gwang-hyun, who started the mound, made it a tripartite inning against three batters in the first inning, and after two outs at the end of the first inning, Kim Kang-min’s right field double and Choi Jeong’s right-handed hit took a 1-0 lead.

I scored 1 more point in the 2nd inning. The first batter, Kim Seong-hyun, hit the left field, and Hanyu-seom hit the center fielder’s side to secure a chance for 1st and 3rd base. Oh Tae-gon hit a ground ball to the shortstop and it was a double stroke, but third base runner Kim Seong-hyun ran through the home hole and made it 2-0.

Kim Gwang-hyun’s scoreless good fight continued. In the second inning, there was a risk of conceding a run as he gave Kang Min-ho an infield hit and an error by the shortstop overlapped. In the 2nd, 1st and 2nd bases, he gave Oh Jae-il a right-handed hit.

Second base runner Kang Min-ho turned third and headed home. At this time, right fielder Choi Ji-hoon made a strong and accurate throw to catch Min-ho Kang. With the home assist, Kim Gwang-hyun passed the inning with no runs.

Kim Gwang-hyun, who was blocked by a three-way offense in the 3rd inning, dedicated a right-handed hit to lead batter Ryu Ji-hyeok in the 4th inning. However, he caught Ja-Wook Koo as a shortstop floating ball and led Pirella into a double play.

The SSG lineup scored one more point in the fifth inning, lightening Kim Gwang-hyun’s shoulders. Leading batter Oh Tae-gon hit right and even stole a base. Kim Min-shik’s sacrifice bunt gave him a chance to go 1 out and 3 base, and Choo Shin-soo’s sacrifice fly to center field made it 3-0.

Kim Gwang-hyun gave Kim Hyun-jun a walk after two outs in the 6th inning, but Ryu Ji-hyeok struck out. In the 7th inning, he climbed the mound and allowed first batter Ja-Wook Koo to walk, then blocked Pirella with a double play and treated Min-Ho Kang as a floating ball in right field.

In the bottom of the 7th, Choo Shin-soo hit a timely hit, and SSG ran away to 4-0. In the 8th inning, Noh Kyung-eun took the mound and blocked one scoreless inning, and in the ninth, Choi Min-jun kept the victory with one scoreless inning.

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