The blade that was aimed at Juventus is now facing Napoli. In the worst case, it is expected that a penalty for deducting victory points will be inevitable.

Recently, the Italian Football Association said, “We accept the decision of the federal court and impose a 15-point penalty on Juventus and suspension of 11 Juventus officials.”

There was a reason. Allegations were caught that Juventus intentionally overestimated transfer fees and tried to reduce losses in the process of transferring players to balance their accounts. In response, the Italian prosecutor’s office launched an investigation and proved the violation of the law.

There are still appeals from Juventus, but their faults are being considered as an established fact. Also, if the penalty of 15 points reduction is cited as it is, Juventus will be pushed to the middle ranks at once, let alone compete for the title.

But Juventus wasn’t the only one in danger. Kim Min-jae’s team, Napoli, was also engulfed in suspicion of accounting books. Italian media ‘La Repubblica’ reported that “Juventus have been punished, but they will not be the only guilty Italian club.”

스포츠토토 He added, “Italian prosecutors will request documents related to the signing of Victor Osimen by Napoli.” It is suspected that when Osimen left Lille, France, to join Naples, Napoli intentionally inflated the transfer fee and accounted for it.

If Napoli are proven guilty, they are likely to face the same point-reduction penalty as Juventus. Currently, Napoli is leading Serie A, but it is like facing a variable that can be the worst factor in the championship competition.

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