It is the 2022 FIFA (International Football Federation) Qatar World Cup, where many incidents have occurred. It is also true that in November, the evaluation match just before the World Cup, few games were played with full strength due to overlapping with the league schedule. Also, the schedule of the UEFA (European Football Confederation) Nations League played among European countries played a role. Because of this, countries from other continents could not compete with European countries.

Therefore, it would have been difficult for analysts in each country to grasp the opponent’s strength, and the same is true for Alpha Ball. But now it’s different. They played all three group stage matches against each other. AlphaBall extracted recent game performance data based on these games. Based on this, we are trying to predict the future quarterfinal matches one by one. The quarterfinal match between Morocco and Portugal was analyzed and predicted.

Morocco advanced to the round of 16 as first place in Group F and met Spain, second place in Group E. Morocco’s tactic of using the so-called ‘ten back’ throughout the game was correct. Spain couldn’t create any chances. The score was 0-0 and no goals were scored. Morocco, supported by goalkeeper Yasin Bunu, advanced to the quarterfinals after a penalty shoot-out.

Portugal, who finished first in Group H, advanced to the Round of 16 and faced Switzerland, who finished second in Group G. Switzerland is famous for its extreme defense in Europe, and Portugal has been struggling with this kind of football. That’s why 메이저사이트 an early opening goal against Switzerland was important, as Portugal scored in the 17th minute of kick-off. In total, he scored 6 goals and advanced to the quarterfinals.

World Cup match data (3 group matches + 1 round of 16 match)


-Attack: With a score of 4 and xG of 2.92, it is a performance that can score about 3 goals in 4 games, but in reality, I scored 1 more goal. He had good concentration. Even so, his offense is poor compared to other 8th grade teams.

  • Defense: 1 point conceded, xGA 3.43, it was a game that could give 3-4 goals, but in reality, it allowed only 1 goal. Goalkeeper Yasin Bunu’s amazing saving skills stand out.


  • Attack: 12 points, xG 6.81, can score 7 goals. In fact, he scored 12 goals, which is an amazing decision. You can also see that there are some bubbles. Switzerland, our opponent in the round of 16, tends to concede too easily.
  • Defense: 5 points conceded, xGA 3.85, a performance capable of conceding about 4 goals, but conceded 1 more goal. However, in the group stage match against Korea in the 3rd match, they tended to easily concede points due to lack of motivation.

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