You shouldn’t be too adventurous. But sometimes you have to be bold. You shouldn’t even look at it too much. However, you have to keep pace with the people you are with.

YSKM’s challenge to become the ‘Top President’ contained all of this.

On the 1st at 6:00 pm, iG beat EDG and LNG defeated RNG 2-0, respectively, in the 2023 LPL Week 3 Day 3 match held in two regions of China (Suzhou-Shanghai).

As predicted for the ‘Best Top Match in Week 3’, Aller and YSKM faced off in Game 1, and ‘Top Contenders’ LP and Bunny faced off in Game 2 to show off the LPL’s best match.

iG-EDG ‘Top Presidential Presidency Challenge’

Just as there are not many people who don’t know the president’s name, YSKM (You Should Know Me), which reminds us of a ‘high place’ from the name, finished the ranking with Aller.

In the first match, EDG’s Aller (Fiora) and YSKM (Jacks) could not be distinguished. There was no significant difference between the two sides in terms of CS, KDA, and game contents. The only difference could have been the scene where Aller solo-killed YSKM from the bottom line around the 23rd minute.

In the 8th minute, in a 4-4 messenger fight excluding both long-range dealers, iG, supported by Ahn (Draven)’s global ultimate, won the match, widening the gap significantly. It was okay to count the MVP inside, but the LPL side picked Gideon as the MVP, who eliminated opponent jungler Jie Jie with flawless Nodes Jungling.

Despite the refreshing victory, YSKM’s expression after the match was not very bright.

In the second set, YSKM (Redside), who saw EDG top laner Aller (Blueside)’s first pick of Jace, chose Irelia, a counter pick, and aimed for a match in the lane match.

Considering that Irelia is generally more difficult to play than Jace in teamfights, it was close to a gamble. However, YSKM cut Aller by a piece of paper in the top lane in the 9th minute.

After killing the messenger, Gideon headed for the top instead of the bottom around the 10th minute, giving YSKM strength. Aller continued to suffer from the opponent’s check and recorded 3 deaths in 13 minutes and completely collapsed. It was a clever strategy that actively targeted Aller’s weakness, mental.

In the second messenger encounter, iG was completely defeated, but iG tried and killed Baron in the 21st minute with Gideon (Sejuani)’s Glacier Prison (R), who did not miss the opponent’s long range dealer Liv (Barus)’s ‘secondary action’, and succeeded in killing it in an instant. went ahead Liv became a good prey by advancing to the opponent’s mid 1st and 2nd towers without the support of his colleagues through the ‘2nd group action’.

Since then, there has been no significant activity between the two top laners. However, EDG, with Liv’s continued second-team action overlapping in the already slanted gap, could not fully demonstrate the power of the poking combination (Jace-Barus-Azir) and gave up the Nexus in the 31st minute.

On the other hand, YSKM, who was neither too bold nor too prominent, won the match by playing a decent match with his teammates.

YSKM, who took a step closer to the ‘presidential challenge’, smiled brightly, while Aller, who lost by a wide margin in the ‘second vote’, could hardly stand up from his seat.

On the other hand, Breed-Zika’s top-line sequencing ended relatively unnoticed and bland.

In the first set, there was a CS difference of nearly 50 points in 20 minutes at the midline, and the ‘2nd team action’ between Royal Never Give Up (RNG) supporter Bunny and Linning Gaming (LNG)’s distance dealer LP made it a great match, not a great match. unfolded

With the difference between the supporter and the distance dealer, the subject of the ‘second group action’, LNG, which was somewhat disadvantaged, struck the balance by acquiring the surprise baron in the 30th minute of the game.

Then, in the 31st minute, LNG’s supporter Hang secured the dragon initiative through a super play that separated the opponent Breed-Gala and the other three, and LP led the dragon engagement to a complete victory by demonstrating superhuman strength to live on the verge of death.

In the second set, RNG put in an angel, but it didn’t have any noticeable effect. On the contrary, LNG’s mid laner scout and Tarzan took the lead in the second dragon fight at 11 minutes, showing an ultimate link to sweep the opponent’s jungle-distance dealer.

RNG, which focused on the messenger-tower instead of the dragon, was ahead of gold, and showed a surprise tactic by exchanging baron with two teammates at 23 minutes, but lost both engagement and slam fight in the 28 minute 4 dragon (LNG spirit of the sea) engagement, so far They lost everything they had accumulated and perished.

After winning the Baron, LNG comfortably destroyed RNG’s Nexus, ending the 31-minute match. 메이저사이트

With this victory, iG ranked first with 3 wins and 3 draws from 3 matches, and LNG also ranked 2nd with 2 wins and 2 wins from 2 matches.

On the other hand, the defeated EDG fell vertically from 2nd to 9th (1 win, 1 loss, set 0), and RNG also ranked 13th (1 win, 2 losses, set -2), representing a ‘republic’ system in which the president is elected instead of the emperor’s ‘monarchy’. announced that the introduction of

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