T1 “Zeus” Woo-je Choi and Invictus Gaming (IG) top laner “YSKM” Chaushutak, who practiced one-on-one in Solo Rank, expressed their gratitude.

Chow Shu Tak, ‘YSKM’ who is creating a sensation for his team, IG, is nicknamed ‘The Shy of Hong Kong’. Every time he appears in a match, he shows a splendid ceremony. His KDA is 4.1, which is not that high, but he is leading the team to victory by ‘carrying’ at every critical moment. Chow Shutak is known to practice one-on-one while making friends with Korean top laners on his Korean account.

‘Zeus’ Choi Woo-je recently posted on T1 Weibo, “‘YSKM’ player said happy birthday, so I thought I should shoot a video” and “‘YSKM’ player is overflowing with fighting in the tournament, so I feel good every time I see him at the tournament. You did well and inspired me.” I am receiving a lot of compliments. I hope that I will compete in a cool way in the upcoming international competition.” 토토사이트

‘YSKM’ also responded to this, and he said, “Thank you for playing solo rank with me. ‘Zeus’ is always telling me how to improve.” “I’m showing the game of the game, and especially Jayce’s play seems to be on a different level. As a player born in 2004, I hope to compete at Worlds (League of Legends World Championship) and surprise everyone.”

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